• A perspective concerning Ukraine

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 26 11:03:25 2022
    The current conflict in Ukraine is nothing but the continuation of American policy since the end of World War II. After the destruction of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation must also be destroyed. NATO continued to advance eastward to reach Russia'
    s belly, Ukraine.

    But the world has changed. The United States is no longer as strong as it was after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union.

    Russia is fighting back now. Kissinger is lucid in his old age. He understands that the United States is aiming too high today. He therefore advised against US and NATO aggression against Russia in Ukraine.

    Russians are very patriotic and will not allow their country to be conquered. Napoleon and Hitler have already experienced this. Today, the United States is learning it. The EU countries have known this for a long time, but do not dare to oppose the
    United States. Putin's contempt for the EU must have grown enormously.

    The war in Ukraine is weakening EU countries in particular. European countries are in danger. The more they rely on NATO protection, the more they are in danger. Although not yet, the United States is ready to wage nuclear war on the European continent.

    The consequences for the European population of the aggressive policy of the United States are very serious. High energy prices and the rising cost of grain will impoverish large sections of the population.

    Terror among the population is also increasing due to war propaganda and the threat of war. Slowly but surely an anti-Russian atmosphere is building in the wake of the hate campaign against "dictator Putin".

    What will be the decisive factor among the population: the fight against rising energy prices or joining the crusade of the United States and NATO?

    The pacifist movement, leftist organizations and most communist parties in Western Europe cry "peace" (what peace?), condemn Putin's invasion and somewhat criticize NATO. They don't want to "take sides".

    What perspective, what strategy do they defend? They want to return to the past of a "peaceful Europe". Peace never existed on a global level, but that was not their main concern.

    Demanding "peace", "not choosing a side", it is useless. We lose twice! On the one hand, the peace movement and communists are demonized for not supporting NATO and peace activists are portrayed as irresponsible supporters of Putin.

    On the other hand, the "third world" countries do not understand the political cowardice of EU progressives and democrats who refuse to support Russia's fight against the United States, the biggest, most dangerous and the most cruel of the imperialist
    powers since the Second World War.

    The challenges for the anti-imperialists are great!

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