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    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 20 12:28:05 2022
    Occupation of a country is generally a bad idea when you do not have support of the nation occupied.
    The USA is believed to have spent 2,000 billion (2 million million) dollars in Afghanistan during 20 year
    long occupation and failed.
    The "democratic" government they supported collapsed within a week after international troops left.

    This is not such ancient history, but also not too recent that wise people couldn't learn from it.

    At best it will be a disaster for Russia, because the spirit of a nation cannot be crushed.
    Nations have the right for self-determination according to the UN chapters, and Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovič
    Putin is dead wrong when he says there is no such thing as the Ukrainian nation.

    We had such ideology with Mr. Slobodan Milošević and Serbian SANU (Academy of Sciences and Arts)
    with the "scourged ground" tactics of warfare and all out concentration camps with torture and genocides
    like Srebrenica, siege of Sarajevo and Vukovar etc. We know very well what is behind the ideology that
    one nation doesn't exist. It means complete assimilation and elimination of those who are danger to the
    assimilation concept.

    We have tried that and we are sure this is the case, not the idea of Holy Russia, that would inevitable
    include ban on abortion and divorce (except for marital infidelity).

    Thus far, Mr. Putin is only interested in military supremacy, realm of influence and domination, and Russian
    increased "Lebensraum".

    in the Lord

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  • From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 20 12:37:43 2022
    The holiness of the nation comes from within, from the return to faith in God Creator, confessing and
    atonement for sins.

    Trying to bring a nation's holiness through the greatness of territory without having a moral sound foundation
    from within inevitably leads to collapse and disaster. Every man's construction will be tried by fire.

    in the Lord

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