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    In Russian or Ukrainian please visit <https://digitalcourage.de/blog/2022/use-tor>

    Uncensored access to the Internet is important for civil society. It is vital for people to engage in free exchange and to inform themselves – even across frontlines. Here we explain in short how the Tor Browser can help you get around censorship. Feel
    free to share this text with everyone that might need it.
    What does the Tor Browser do?

    A browser is the software you use to visit websites. If you find that you cannot reach some websites in your regular browser (which could be Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) because they were blocked, then you can use the Tor Browser to circumvent these
    blockages. The Tor Browser also prevents others from seeing which websites you visit. Some parties, such as your Internet provider, will be able to see that you are using Tor. But they cannot see which sites you have visited via Tor.
    How to use the Tor Browser

    1. Download Tor Browser:

    https://www.torproject.org/download/ or https://www.torproject.org/download/languages/

    If this website is blocked, you can try
    https://tor.eff.org/ or
    https://tor.calyxinstitute.org/ instead.

    If all these sites are blocked: Send an e-mail to gettor@torproject.org and put the information which operating system you use and which language version of the Tor Browser you need into the subject of the e-mail (for example, windows ru for Windows and
    Russian). Have some patience waiting for a response.

    2. Install the software.

    If access to Tor is blocked in your country, you can configure a so-called “bridge” to still use Tor.

    Open the menu (≡) and choose the “Settings” item. In the page that opens, click on “Tor” in the list on the left.
    In the section named “Bridges”, choose the checkbox “Use a bridge”
    Click “Select a built-in bridge” and choose “snowflake” or “obsf4” in the drop-down on the right

    3. Use the Tor Browser to access the web.

    4. To preserve your anonimity while using Tor Browser:

    Do not install add-ons or plugins in Tor Browser
    Only use websites when the address starts with “https://” (with an “s”) or the name ends with “.onion”.


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