• Free US arms fuel global war against Russia - specifically unmanned air

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    Beijing has said that US sanctions on Russia over its attack on Ukraine fail to solve any problems and only hurt the global economy, vowing to defend itself should Washington target Chinese companies.

    “China opposes any form of unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law,” Gao Feng, Commerce Ministry spokesman, told reporters on Thursday.

    “Economic sanctions not only fail to resolve security issues, but also harm the lives of ordinary people, disrupt global markets, and make the world's already slowing economy even worse.”

    Gao's statement comes after Jake Sullivan, White House national security adviser, warned Beijing that there will “absolutely be consequences” should China help Russia bypass sanctions and backfill the hit sectors of economy.

    China will protect its manufacturers, Gao said. He added that Washington's “unreasonable” actions against Chinese companies will hurt consumers worldwide, including those in the US.

    Beijing refused to condemn Russia's military campaign against Ukraine and, unlike many Western and some Asian countries, has not imposed any sanctions on Moscow. Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Russia his country's “most important strategic partner”
    this month.

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