• Dear NASA,

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    ..understand god didn't make the soviets, japan did, even jesus said they were of their father japan, nobody has choice concerning their birth, parents, or childhood, they need food bad and are about to die, nobody likes them or trusts them...

    ok, instead of the purge, we call it citizens day, instead of legalizing crime, we federalize all U.S. citizens for 24 hours and encourage legal vigilanteism. I think a randomly chosen day between Nov 1st and 7th each year would be a good day. What do
    you think? text YES or NO to 8889197566

    ~, Hunter Reon Barnes
    Earthen Sun Reborn

    Buy my new book, Nutrician 88008 : Axioms and Practum. Only 4,000 U.S. Dollars per Copy Protected Copy.

    ..by copy protected, I mean copyrighted, and incapable of photocopy or scribery.

    ..if your wondering why I don't propriaterily pour my self out at my expense for free to pirates to steal from me and the mouths of my unborn children, it's because I have self respect.

    ..couldn't really be certain if I've been too generous already or exactly generous enough, anyone who actually has delites has difficulty not sharing at least a little bit, except with piranic sh't pirates.

    Next Sermon : How to earn blessing from The Lord... {whether / however existant or not} ..but feel absolutely free to grope around in the dark for bizzaro santa claus.


    Our family kung fu magic secret other than really excessive {intelligent actual} work over time, is the fact that enemies depleat options that could work very fast {and all remaining generally work themselves}. ~ HRB

    ..but I'm not allowed to train you even if I wanted to and you paid me enough, unless your my wife, I'm married to your sister or mom, or your a fully trained certified ip ching ving tsun kung fu master in good standing membership with his council, in
    which case(s), I could.


    ..if your one of those meth addicts who don't realisticly see your self kicking anytime soon, my perscription for you is :
    Literally eating mashed potatoes (idaho) + apple juice + fresh grapefruit, instead of your usual piss crystal toilet mint medley.
    Risparidal + Depakoat + Seroquel, followed by the above perscription if the other doctor releases you.
    Try to eat and live properly, and refrain from being a f'kup.
    ~, HRB

    Congress: (Second proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution.) ____________________
    "That any legal voter may use their vote to vote -1 vote towards any canidate if they feel inclined to do so." ~, dr.hrb

    Congress: (First proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution.)
    "That any government or law enforcement seat in the United States can only be filled by at least second generation U.S. citizens born in the United States, with both of their parents being born in the United States."
    ~, dr.hrb

    ..and the bible was written as a bifold yoke for premature saints who would possibly transend it and all the misunderstanders of it who were sure to splinter it 4,000 directions thus spreading it quickly and is third grade japanese reading material.

    404 N. Mt. Shasta #159

    A vote for Hunter Reon Barnes is a vote against fashist dictopia.


    ..NASA, Whereas I do have the best ways to make effectual perpetual cold, hot, motion, or virtually anything else, you're not predicted to buy technology from me seeing as how you would rather retardedly use solar panels instead of buying HRB 24H clean
    safe atomic cascade reactor tech, means you're as bullsh't as DARPA, the Nobel Foundation, MIT, etc.. trying to play a roll calling such work still and if you are ever made to get anywhere actually, you would look like the iranians in the 1960's.. How
    many pirate soviets do you got? And which Jap placed them there? ~, HRB http://dr.hrb.freeshell.org

    ..and I'm assuming Jennifer Tilly was the voice of Roxy Glass, otherwise I have legal advice especially if the girl playing roxy glass can't produce jennifer tilly's voice. (..you know those professional actress live hand to mouth, eat rice cakes, don't
    ask how much their getting paid, and don't get work enough of the year to claim unemployment..?)

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