• The Democrat chattel slavery system.

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    The practice of exploiting and violating the bodies of African
    American women with impunity is an ancient one. During America’s
    chattel slavery system, white slave owners freely and legally raped
    the women whom they enslaved, often in front of their families. They
    used rape to assert their power and authority over their property
    without accountability. The offspring of enslaved women were then
    also considered their master’s property, giving these men more
    economic power and further stripping African American women of the
    rights to their own bodies and babies. The legal system enforced
    this by the sin of omission. No Louisiana law made the rape of a
    black woman, slave or free, a crime. Rape was specifically limited
    to white women under the state’s law. However, Louisiana’s
    provisions mandated capital punishment for both the rape and the
    attempted rape of a white female by a slave.

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