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    By Aviroce

    Not only he usurped power to occupy the White House, he has determined to destroy our social system if he cannot gear it to support the Zionist Nation at home and abroad. Every so-called Executive Order not only opposes our association with the World
    Community excluding Israel but also establishes Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi far-reaching interests like Jerusalem, a capital of Israel, West Bank settlements and hence take-over of the West Bank, Jordan Valley plans to take over Jordan, blockade of
    Gaza to take over Gaza, blockade Iran to destroy the Only Muslim country that stands against Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi expansion among Arab and Muslim countries including Palestine.
    He infected China and Iran with the Coronavirus and enjoyed watching these two countries battling the infection, death toll, and economic collapse. He and P, his secretary of state, would laugh and were amused by these Chinese and Iranian taking drastic
    actions in their infected communities to stop the infection of the virus in their populations. Both felt the United States is far away to be harmed with what they did to China and Iran. In fact comes February. 2020 Donald Trump and his P and Pence (I
    could have written it as P, P as if P means evil), Donald Trump declared the Coronavirus infecting mainland USA is a "HOAX." Now the "HOAX" is the NIGHTMARE that killed 160,000 Americans and going up. As of to date, the "HOAX" infected SIX MILLION
    AMERICANS, men, women and children. He said "It is what it is." Americans are dying daily and Donald Trump want to win the presidency over their DEAD BODIES.
    Using "Shit" to indicate disgust with Donald Trump and his Judeo-Nazi Dynasty is nothing new. When he ran for president, I welcomed him with "DONALD TRUMP, shit happens. When he talks, I do not know from where, his mouth or his ass because I keep
    smelling Hydrogen Sulfide."
    The House of Congress impeached this Judeo-Nazi. But the one man-majority in the Senate saved the Judeo-Nazi from collapse. The question one can raise is whether the Senate represents the American Nation, not the Zionist Nation within USA? These
    Senators were bought by AIPAC, Koch, Mercers, Adelson. I know for sure Adelson gave Donald Trump $100,000,000.00 in 2016 to help him win the corrupted election. After that Donald Trump became the God of the Jews, the King of Zion. These Jews, Jewish,
    Zionists, Judeo-Nazis keep pumping money into him to keep the power he usurped using foreign intervention. Hopefully, the American Nation (96% of USA) will vote him out of the office he stole betraying the American Nation in 2020. All indicators show
    he will lose. But again he may do something criminal to become the Dictator of USA. For instance, he could kill Joe Biden, not directly, and claim he is left to rule. He could botch the voting machines and declare foul play to Supreme Court of the
    United States where he appointed two justices to join Republican, not neutral, judges on the bench. Like I said this Judeo-Nazi Donald Trump has changed our law and courts and judges into political entities. Like one attorney one time advised me, "If
    you are looking for justice, do not seek it in the Courthouse, find it in the Horehouse."

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