• "Woman is the nigger of the world."

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    Once upon a time, a very famous white man sang those words. His
    Japanese wife, an avant-garde artist, had coined the phrase in an
    interview a few years prior. The very famous white man recognized
    the phrase she’d casually uttered had great power. It compared and
    united in metaphor two struggling peoples — niggers and women. When
    Yoko Ono and John Lennon were interviewed by Nova magazine in 1969,
    she used her extreme choice of language in a sort of offhanded way,
    like it was shorthand for a much larger idea of social injustice.
    She felt the comparison and presumed solidarity called attention to
    the plight of women. The phrase became a seed of thought and took
    root in John Lennon’s fertile mind. Years later, he wrote a song
    that used that phrase as the title, one that John and Yoko planned
    to use to gain attention for the feminist struggle.

    That's why John Lennon got shot.

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