• The Animal Farm

    From Marvin Barley@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 27 05:40:35 2022
    I am an employee at the Animal farm and I have been feeding the Great Bear with nutrients for a long time.

    All of a sudden, the Great Bear has despised nutrients and longed for some fresh meat, satisfying his hunting instincts which I couldn't, and preyed on his younger next-of-kin Little Bear.

    The Little Bear has been looking at The Bald Eagle's free flight, and at the Black Eagle's efficiency and wisdom, and he longed for that freedom. The Little Bear wanted to fly, or at least be in the company of the Lion, king of the animals.

    That made the Great Bear very angry. He threatened that he will incinerate both the Forrest and the Savannah, some matches fell to the floor and he already had burned the Great Bear Great Library, very renowned by other animals, but something which he
    never truly understood.

    The Great Bear was also very angry because his females and female cubs have been insulted and traded. That was understandable, but the same thing happened to his cousin the Little Bear, so his anger seemed misplaced.

    All the animals agreed, led by the Lion and the Eagles, that they will stop supplying the Great Bear with healthy nutrients. I have relented though, for I remained to feed the cubs, lest they turn into Bear-eating cannibal bears too.

    So the Day Three on the Animal farm ended.

    I crossed my hands in dismay, as I have been feeding the Red Dragon with nutrients, too. And he might want some fresh flesh instead, too. This might be the innate nature of the Beasts. I wondered if they can be tamed, at least not to incinerate the
    Forest and the Savannah.

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