• Boy in the Attic: Nigger Father Pleads Guilty After Raping & Torturing

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    An Ohio father and his girlfriend pleaded guilty this week to the
    torture and murder of Takoda Collins, a young boy who was abused for
    years before his death.

    As CrimeOnline previously reported, 10-year-old Takoda died on
    December 13, 2019, at Dayton Children’s Hospital. The boy was rushed
    to the hospital after his father, Al-Mutahan McClean, 30, contacted
    911 and said his son wasn’t responding.

    Immediately following Takoda’s death, authorities launched an
    investigation that determined McClean had tortured his own child for
    years. In addition to locking Takoda in an attic while naked,
    McClean also beat him regularly, raped him, and emotionally abused

    A search warrant carried out on December 16, 2019, revealed multiple
    items of interest at the home, including a Taser, four Taser-style
    dog collars, and a combination lock located in the attic.

    Authorities said Takoda Collins was covered in scratches and bruises
    stemming from a sexual assault. They also said that the boy was
    forced to eat his own feces.

    “Takoda was kept in a dirty, locked, dark attic and abused daily
    over the course of several years,” an affidavit read. “The
    interviews also revealed that Takoda was held underwater and gasping
    for breath prior to succumbing to his injuries.”


    The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office said that Takoda died from a combination of things, including blunt force injury, water
    submersion, and compressive asphyxia, Dayton Daily News reports.

    “Mr. McLean was the primary abuser of this child,” prosecutor Lynda
    Dodd said. “He was the clear torturer of this child for years.”

    Days ahead of his trial, McLean pleaded guilty to murder, rape,
    kidnapping, and child endangerment. McLean’s girlfriend, Amanda
    Hinze, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and child
    endangerment. Her sister, Jennifer Ebert, who lived with the couple
    and Takoda, also pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and
    child endangerment.

    Takoda’s mother, Robin Collins, lost custody of the child in 2013
    after a battle with drug addiction.

    “I wish I would have just gone down there and kidnapped him, to be
    honest. Because that was the only option I had was to go to jail and
    take him from his father,” Collins previously told WHIO. “I really
    wish I would have just gone and got him.”

    Abuse, according to reports, had been reported in the past, but
    child services failed to remove Takoda from the home.

    In May 2018, a Dayton Public Schools worker called 911 and said she
    alerted Montgomery County Jobs and Family Services about McLean
    abusing Takoda Collins. The school employee said she decided to call
    911 after McLean called his son out from school, claiming the boy
    was sick.

    While Montgomery County Jobs and Family Services requested officers
    to perform a welfare check, the report stated that officers left
    Takoda Collins’ home after no one answered the door.

    In late July 2019, McLean filed paperwork to have Takoda Collins
    pulled out of school to be homeschooled. Months later, the child was

    Following Takoda’s death, social services removed a 3-year-old from
    the home.

    The suspects are expected in court later this month for sentencing.
    Check back for updates.

    https://www.crimeonline.com/2021/09/10/boy-in-the-attic-father- pleads-guilty-after-raping-torturing-his-own-son-to-death/

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