• Mom who held down 4-year-old son so nigger step-father could rape him g

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    A despicable French mom who held her 4-year-old son down so he could
    be raped by his step-dad in a prison visiting room has been
    sentenced for 20 years.

    Sabrina Bonner, 25, blindfolded the young boy during several visits
    to the Toul detention center between 2009 and 2010 so partner Lionel Barthelemy, 31, could have sex with him.

    The sick couple, who had a "sado-masochist relationship," pinned
    black trash bags against the windows so no-one could look in.

    They also filmed the vile scenes on a cellphone — which Barthelemy, imprisoned for violence since August 2009 — kept so he could watch
    while alone in his cell.

    Bonner gave herself up to cops in May 2011 just before Barthelemy
    was due to be released from prison, reports The Local.

    Both Bonner and Barthelemy confessed to multiple counts of rape and
    sexual assault of the boy, who is now 8, at a court in Strasbourg
    this week.

    A judge sentenced each of them to 20 years.

    Yannick Pheulpin, the boy's lawyer, said he would now be launching
    legal action against the prison to account for the suffering of the

    https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/mom-held-son-step-father- rape-article-1.1469502

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