• Prayer for Deliverance of Ukraine

    From Marvin Barley@21:1/5 to All on Sat Feb 26 02:58:10 2022
    I wondered where is the stand of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Christians now in the invasion of Ukraine and threats of using nuclear weapons?

    I hope the little Russian man will not join this madness, bloodshed and defying of international law and peace.

    Jeremiah 14:7-9

    7 Even though our crimes bear witness against us,
    act, Lord, for your name’s sake—
    Even though our rebellions are many,
    and we have sinned against you.
    8 Hope of Israel, LORD,
    our savior in time of need!
    Why should you be a stranger in the land,
    like a traveler stopping only for a night?

    9 Why are you like someone bewildered,
    a champion who cannot save?
    You are in our midst, LORD,
    your name we bear:
    do not forsake us!

    in the name of the LORD

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