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    Evangelical Church Child Abuse Cases

    Many Southern Baptists have dismissed sexual abuse as a problem caused by >“corrupt Hollywood” or “liberal theology,” but that’s just untrue and a >reckoning has arrived

    Lieff Cabraser is investigating reports of widespread child abuse in >evangelical churches, Southern Baptist churches, and so-called Mega Churches. >Nearly 400 Southern Baptist leaders, from youth pastors to top ministers, >have pleaded guilty or been convicted of sex crimes against more than 700 >victims since 1998, according to a recent investigation by The Houston >Chronicle and The San Antonio Express-News. Superstar pastors like Bill >Hybels and Andy Savage have been forced to resign over allegations of >misconduct. The New York Times also published a recent expose on the “sexual >abuse crisis” at Evangelical churches.

    While some churches have apologized for the abuse, few victims have seen any >restitution or justice. What’s more, many churches work to protect themselves >against the interests of their parishioners, and those victims who do seek >justice or even just protection find themselves faced with aggressive legal >maneuvering from the churches, many of which use written membership >agreements to enforce silence and prohibit any public investigation.

    You forgot Catholic Church is the worst of them all.

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