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    Lee wrote

    Florida school district cancels professor's
    civil rights lecture over critical race
    theory concerns
    Jan 24

    A Florida school district canceled
    a professor's civil rights history
    seminar for teachers, citing in
    part concerns over "critical race
    theory" - even though his lecture
    had nothing to do with the topic.

    J. Michael Butler, a history
    professor at Flagler College in
    St. Augustine, was scheduled to
    give a presentation Saturday to
    Osceola County School District
    teachers called "The Long Civil
    Rights Movement," which postulates
    that the civil rights movement
    preceded and post-dated Martin
    Luther King Jr. by decades.

    He said that he was shocked to learn
    why the seminar had been canceled
    through an email Wednesday but that
    he wasn't surprised because educators
    feel increasingly intimidated over
    teaching about race.

    Less than 24 hours before Butler was
    informed of the cancellation, a state
    Senate committee advanced legislation
    Tuesday at the behest of Republican
    Gov. Ron DeSantis to block public
    schools and private businesses from
    making people feel "discomfort" when
    they're taught about race. DeSantis
    also wants to empower parents to sue
    schools that teach critical race

    "The victims of this censorship are
    history and the truth," Butler said.
    "The end game is they're going to
    make teaching civil rights into
    'critical race theory,' and it's not."

    Butler said he hadn't shared his full
    presentation with the school district.
    In the presentation, which he provided
    to NBC News, Butler doesn't mention
    the theory, nor structural racism or

    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/florida-school-district-c ancels-professors-civil-rights-lecture-critic-rcna13183

    They are thin skinned WOKE Trumpers and beating them senseless is so much

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