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    Way back when, the EU/USA basically arranged for
    a coup in Ukraine, financing right-wing quasi-fascists
    to oust the Russia-leaning prez. The Russians had
    vast investment, and strategic interests, in Crimea
    so they promptly TOOK it - setting up todays reality.

    Now those fascists are getting the short end of
    the stick from their former backers. The EU/NATO
    cannot risk a REAL fight against Russia for
    obvious global-meltdown reasons. So, they ship
    Ukraine a handful of arms and sit back while
    Putin takes over (IF that's what he has in mind).
    Complaining is cheap - a huge war that could
    spill over into WW3 is not.

    The USA in particular is infamous for propping
    up puppet regimes - and then abandoning them.
    It started perhaps with the Bay Of Pigs and
    became the standard pattern with Vietnam.
    Afghanistan was just the latest example.

    So, if Ukranians thought they had a Big Dog
    to back them .... ummmmm ...............

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