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    By Aviroce

    Donald Trump, the Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi plans to escape prosecution in the United States of America. He faces crimes against the American People locally and Crimes against Humanity on an international basis. He is to be tried on colluding
    with the Russians t and Israel on Usurping Power in USA to Deprive Americans of their Voting Power, Inciting Riots and Hate among Americans that Resulted in Death and Deprivation of People, Killing Half a Million Americans directly by the Covid-19 and
    Collaterally by Depriving Americans of Normal Care as the System of Care has been Dedicated to Emergency Care so far, Treason and Cover-up Conspiracy Against the American People, Moving the Country into Dictatorship of the Zionist Nation (4% USA) against
    the American Nation (96% USA) under the Pretext of Anti-Semitism to Execute Contracts and Orders and Taxes against the American Nation, etc, ET
    My illiterate father (May Allah Bless His Soul) told me a story about persons like Donald Trump. He said (May Allah Bless His Soul), "If you see me then I am joking with you. If you don't see me, then you lost it." Joking is a deception and in this
    case it is "Treason."
    I know where he will be going. He will be going to Israel to avoid American Prosecution and, hopefully, conviction on tax evasion, treason, mass murder by Covid-19, distortion of American values and laws, in addition to establishing dictatorship. My
    wife read to me what the New York Times wrote about this miserable creature. His hotel is booked for the Victory Celebration. I told my wife he will be giving refunds. Otherwise he will steal the money and run to Israel.
    To capture power he finds the Covid-19, White Racism, KKK, Criminal Acts of Divisions Among Americans leading to Murder, Baiting, Robbing Americans of Taxes to “Give Them Bloody Feed” to make him look like he cares about the Welfare of the American
    People through Pocket Money Incentives (Arabs call it “From its Fats, Baste it” leading to Having no Fats). This Creature is an Enemy of the American Nation and is Only Executing the Hopes and Aspirations of the Zionist Nation to create the Zionist
    Empire through Blood and Treasure of the American People where Non-Jews are “Beasts” used and disposed of by the “Jew Iron Rod.”
    Donald Trump is Enemy Number One of the American People and When He Loses the United States should make Sure he stays in USA to face trial.
    Americans going to Perpetuate Democracy and Zionist Nation through this creature attempt to Destroy Democracy.
    Americans, the Enemy is Within. While strong take action against the Enemy. The Enemy wants Absolute Hegemony to Extract Blood and Treasure. I have been there and suffered three Jew Holocausts within the Last Century and Beginning of This Century.
    German Holocausts 1919 and 1948 against Jews are Minor compared to Jew Holocausts against the Palestinian People and the World Community and it is not over yet.

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