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    Israel Bombs Latakia, Syria in Another Unprovoked Attack

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    Israel Bombs Latakia, Syria in Another Unprovoked Attack

    The government of Israel launched an unprovoked aerial attack upon the port city of Latakia, Syria overnight. Multiple large explosions rocked the port area and were caught on video, below.

    In the video, two large explosions can be seen rising up from the cargo port area of the city.

    It is not known why Israel perpetrated this attack, or how many people may
    have been injured or killed in the attack.

    Other video is appearing on social media as seen below:

    A video of Latakia Port during the IAF air strike tonight
    — Intel Air & Sea (@air_intel) December 28, 2021

    and here:

    Footage of night strikes on the port of Latakia by Israeli Air Force fighters tonight and the current situation in Latakia port.


    = December 28, 2021

    Photos emerging this morning show the damage is not too serious despite the size of the blasts. Contents of the shipping containers that were struck seems to show consumer goods were destroyed, not any type of military
    equipment that may have posed a threat to Israel.

    Syria offered congratulations to Israel on their ability to use Air Force fighter jets to bomb toilet paper pallets and kids toys. "That's about what the Israelis are good for; imagining they're in danger from consumer goods
    in shipping containers" said Syria's Foreign Minister.

    "All the decades of inbreeding among their people have made them psychotic; they are an entire people who have no hope of rational existence with others because they are, collectively, psychotic, delusional, and murderous." he

    "This is why Hitler put them first in ghettos, then in gas chambers. They
    are destroyers of all that is right and good. Normal people must be
    protected from these inbred monsters" he continued.

    UPDATE 11:24 AM EST --

    Seven hours after the air strike, parts of Latakia are still burning as seen
    in the video (just in) below:

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