• Russia in the 1680s

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    During the 1680s, the Tsardom of Russia acquired a substantial
    expansion in Transbaikal after signing the Treaty of Nerchinsk with
    China (Qing dynasty). By this time (at the end of the 17th century),
    an extensive territory from Yenisei to the Sea of Okhotsk was secured
    through colonization. The discovery of the Bering Strait in 1728
    confirmed the eastern borders of modern Russia. The eastward advance
    through Siberia extended the Tobol Razryad transforming it into
    overstretched territory that was initially in 1708 included into
    Siberia Governorate.

    Source: <https://wikimili.com/en/History_of_the_administrative_division_of_Russia>

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