• Killfile

    From SPP@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 25 16:10:55 2021
    The killfile for the war against the JUBU Satanists
    through induction or from the specific to the general.

    JUBU(Judeo-Buddists) of:
    0)Taiwan - Empire of the Zen
    (Dharma Drum[https://www.chancenter.org/en/])
    1)Israel - Empire of the Yiddish
    2)Sicily - Empire of the LGBTQ(Zoroastrianism)
    (Temple of Satan[https://www.churchofsatan.com/])
    3)Haiti - Empire of the Vudu
    (Jehova's Witnesses[https://www.jw.org/en/])
    4)Hawaii - Empire of the Hindu
    5)Trinidad - Empire of the Trini
    (Sai Baba[http://saibaba.org/])
    6)Indonesia - Empire of the Creole
    (Ravi Das[https://www.shrigururavidasji.com/])
    7)Phillipines - Empire of the Hapa
    (Suma Ching Hai[http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/])
    8)Tibet - Empire of the Hoon
    (Dalai Lama[https://www.dalailama.com/])
    9)Brooklyn(NY, USA) - Empire of the Roma
    (Hari Krishnas[https://www.iskcon.org/]) ------------------------------------------------------
    The Jewish Group of 10:
    Group of 10 Nemesis(Jewish - Pedagogy) ------------------------------------------------------
    0.Yiddish - Math Teaching(Kenneth Geller)
    1.Zen - Calisthenics Teaching(Guolin)
    2.Vudu - Music Teaching(Mike Tyson?)
    3.Hindu - Cooking Teaching(Bansi Pandit)
    4.LGBTQ(Zoroastrian) - Programming Teaching(Morris Ardoin)
    5.Trini - History Teaching(D. Shah)
    6.Creole - Art Teaching(Bob Ross)
    7.Hapa - Language Teaching(Philipino)
    8.Hoon - Science Teaching(Shanak)
    9.Roma - Spirituality(Abrahamic) Teaching(Capaleni) ------------------------------------------------------
    Niggers of:
    0)negroid race
    1)gypsy etnicity
    2)jewish diaspora
    3)coptic language familys
    4)upper caste tribes
    5)judean expats?
    6)jubu citizens?
    Harbingers of JUBU
    (The 9 Lives) who are state licensed only: ------------------------------------------------------
    Corporations of G.O.V.E.R.N.M.E.N.T.: ------------------------------------------------------
    0)G - gambling
    1)O - allopathy
    2)V - utilitys(the upside math exponent means power)
    3)E - pedagogy
    4)R - palmistry
    5)N - niggervision(jewihs propoganda through mass media)
    6)M - microsoft
    7)E - security
    8)N - insurance
    9)T - transcendentalism
    Incorporations of:
    0)C-corp - daily use of cigarettes
    1)S-corp - daily use of psychotropics
    2)LLC - daily use of liquor
    3)LTD - daily use of soya
    4)Non-Profit - daily use of narcotics
    5)Charity - daily use of steroids
    6)LLP - daily us of ?
    Occults of G.O.D.:
    0)G - Gandhi(prabhu)
    1)O - bOdhai(bhagawan)
    2)D - kuDaji(swami)
    Diasporas of:
    0)Maoist Transcendentalists
    1)Mussolinist Zionists
    2)Marxist Communists
    Ethnicitys of:
    5)Caribbeanese(Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi)
    6)The Flatland Allied Axis of: ------------------------------------------------------
    The above said social orders are known as:
    Rakshyasas in the east and
    Americons(americonartists) in the west.
    The Rat Pack
    Those People
    The U(Undertow of a Jewish nigger)
    The Grapevine
    The Great Pretenders
    Mafias of:
    1)LTTE(Tamil, Prabhakaran)
    2)Latin Kings(Taino, ?)
    3)La Cosa Nostra(Terron, John Gotti who maybe a dark skinned Guyanese;
    Guyanese mabe the Italian Terron in previous generations)
    4)L'onarata Societa(Tiwi; colloquially known as nappy haired niggers of
    africa or black people)
    The above said mafias maybe based in their homeland of the
    Arawaks or to say The Antilles or the islands of the
    Caribbean. The Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi are of
    the Australoid race. Most of the malpractitioners are of
    those people of the Natives or Mulatto of the Australoid
    race. Quite a number have Jewish names and even titles as in Priest,
    Warrior, and Merchant but are not of the Jewish negroid race. ------------------------------------------------------
    MLMs of:
    ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------
    Network of 72:
    The following mentioned social orders of our Network of 72 are
    not of the killfile and are not to be targeted. ------------------------------------------------------
    #)smurf - industry
    0)oriental - sexuality
    1)deshi - technology
    2)arabian - spirituality
    3)russian - library
    4)european - homeopathy
    5)african - realty?
    6)british - grocery
    7)hispanic - fiduciary?
    8)australian - hospitality?
    9)caribbeanese(tamil, taino, terron, tiwi) - security?
    10)Greenlander - naturapathy ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------
    Those of the JUBU killfile are serious masters of establishing 3 major sabotages to ruin anybodys' life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
    property, faith, and propriety. Typical sabotages inclued physical, psychological, and functional torments and tortures through whichever imbibement of the control substances through contamination of air,
    water, food supplys. It is like that among them in thier world of
    wanton disregard and disrespect of whichever nature of the good to
    overcome and defeat the bad.

    The JUBU are vertibale Satanists and indeed more civilizations,
    corporations, communitys, churches, collusions, and whichever has a 'c'
    in it have been collapsed as a people, place, thing, idea, inventory,
    and even patent. It is like that among them of the JUBU. No investment
    in them is ever proven to result as per the trade agreement. All that
    can be done is to war and mass murder them one way or the other.
    Spiritual, political, and financial proficiencys must be evidenced in
    order to battle the JUBU. The Evangelicalism, Nazism, and
    Existentialism are seriously effective in helping anybody to defeat
    their dogmatic vice grip of Satanic possession. It is like that as
    through the Maoist Transcendentalism, Marxist Communism, and Mussolinist Zionism the JUBU have claimed major regions of the world for the sake of
    their mass suicide rituals heavily engendering a serious malady of

    The world of the JUBU spans the globe and is largely mitigated by the
    forced consumerism of unfit for human consumption products as in
    psychotropics, liquor, soya, tobacco, narcotics, and steroids. That is
    what they are like. For nearly 5,000 years the JUBU have been the
    harbingers of the waste of a life scenarios. It is a truism more often
    than not that whichever they are against in the annals of documentary,
    actual, theoretical, logical, financial, and evangelical evidence of
    some truth out there are the very things which vivify our very efforts
    toward successful survival. The JUBU are the most corrosive influence
    for any organizational structure. It is for that reason why so many
    have divorced, denounced, and destroyed them. Already by this timeline
    of 2021 A.D. the JUBU evidence the following:

    Caribbeanese - Genocided
    Gypsys - Holocausted
    British - Inquisitioned
    Orientals - Massacred and now hinting toward genocide
    Hispanics - Decimated
    Africans - Balkanized

    Three of them already admit to the smpathy vote tactic word of genocide.
    Those are the Caribbeanese and Orientals. It is like that among them
    and thier world of the worship of the Gandhi, Bodhai, and Kudaji or to
    say Satan. Whatever they do is to further the worship of Satan, or to
    say false ways of life. Time and time again the JUBU evidence being
    serious card carrying members of Jewish occults eminating from the
    Judean republics of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad,
    Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY, USA). The vast majority
    of them are seriously accredited Priests, Politicians, Professionals,
    Police, Professors, Philosophers, Prinicipals, Pharmacists, Plagarizers,
    and Presidents hell bent on furthering the forced consumerism of the
    unfit for human consumption products as in psychotropics, liquor, soya, tobacco, steroids, and narcotics. That is the revolving door of waste
    of a life scenarios they preach and politic.

    The hyperdermic syringe is the very weapon they bank on for their Jewish religious war. That is how so many are intimidated to consume serious
    poisons of one kind or the other. The list of fallacys they can breed
    is nearly infinite but not infinite itself. That is the level of
    footprint they have across this earth planet. The corporations of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry,
    Insurance, Gambling, Legality, Pedagogy, and Utilitys are the means by
    which so many sentient beings across this earth planet are herded and conditioned toward a premature death in the most torturous and
    tormenting way. That is why sentient life is unable to find peace and prosperity in whichever system of things. They are like that in defense
    of an illegitimate marriage to a Jewish xenophobe.

    Irrespective of the best that the world has to offer the JUBU are
    seriously evil and treacherous to further their Jewish trespass and Jew
    baiting treachery. The JUBU are the evil ones in any republic for which
    it stands. The level of mind spinning conartistry the JUBU are capable
    of is like more than anything underneath the sun. Through serious
    influece on the eyes, ears, and breathing passages the JUBU are able to
    control many to be mindless automatons of the Jewish religious war that
    is against themselves. Time and time again physical, psychological, and functional sabotages are evindeced to ruin the very comfort and
    belonging we seek as sentient life across this earth planet.

    The JUBU have been killfiled for this reason toward a war of induction
    or from specific to the general. As IRAQ was a war in deduction or to
    the specific with it's world of caveats to further the same Jewish
    religious war that is largely anti-Indian, anti-Christ, anti-Muslim, anti-Women, anti-European, and anti-Holocaust; this war in induction
    against the JUBU is another that seeks to challenge our very ways of
    life. The Jew is a nigger; a plague upon humanity; a curse; a blight; a
    bane; a failed investment. The only worth of the Jewish diaspora
    comprising of the upper caste tribes of the Yiddish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu,
    LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma ancestorys is to murder them.

    In a way, the destruction of the World Trade Center of the Jewish blight
    and the television series "Smallville" really was a rude awakening to
    stark reality of the Jewish multi-level massacre. The Jewish have
    evidenced yet another suicide ritual. Indeed, the articles of
    incorporation of C-corp, S-corp, LLC, LTD, Non-profit, and Charity are
    nothing more than Jewish occult corporations evidencing the same
    towering inferno scenario as that of the "Branch Davidians" in Waco,
    Texas. Each of the articles of incorporation evidence the following contaminants which are unfit for working conditions:

    C-corp -> tobacco(a serious carcinogen or cancer causing agent that
    destroys the breathing apparatus of the lungs)

    S-corp -> psychotropics(a serious tranquilizer commonly sold as vitamin supplements as well as prescription medicines which may be the cause of allergys resulting in a most tortureous experience)

    LLC -> liquor(a serious acid which is known to destroy the liver and
    lead toward amnesia or memory loss)

    LTD -> soya(a serious neurotoxin that binds to the brain and degenerates
    major parts of it resulting in serious mental illness)

    Non-profit -> marijuana(a serious hallucinagen that maybe the cause of
    birth defects as clep where a person is born with the lip cut)

    Charitys -> steroids(forbidden herbals of the naturopathy industry as in ginseng, tea, coffee, aloe, acai, turmeric, and so on that maybe the
    cause of muscular dystrophy in the children of those parents forced to
    consume such poisons)

    The dangers of the JUBU is more than anything. There is no life among
    them but only suicide, sacrifice, subjugation, slavery, stupidity,
    stupefying, or to say shlepistic lives carrying on a heavy burden of
    debt to the Jewish xenophobe for no wrong of our own. Without the mass
    murder of the JUBU the level of torture and torment encrouches into our genetics. They are like that of a marauding lunatics. The Jew is a
    nigger. Kill the nigger. Hiel Hitler! ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------
    There is no that of a thing as a hundred percent.
    There is some good out there.
    Image is not everything.
    Things are not as they seem.
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    Silence is death.
    Apathy is dangerous.
    You have to believe in flawless victory.
    Prayer works.
    Somethings work.
    Never let your gaurd down.
    Beware of the sucker punch.
    Good luck to you.
    I want you to win.
    The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad.
    More corporations have collapsed due to the Jewish divestment than by
    through any other form of allurement.
    God bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is the Almighty Yah.
    You have to believe in a good beating.
    Don't give up.
    Just do it.
    Whichever they are against, I am all for.
    Eat a meat sandwich.
    Food is medicine.
    Mineral water is the source of life.
    Money is the essence of the very life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
    property, and propriety we strive for.
    Money is what makes the world go round.
    No money, no honey.
    When men and women get together [money] gets in the way.
    Men are from Mars, women are from Venus; in a world without a prayer.
    You can never have too many friends.
    Fallacys breed contempt.
    Like begets like.
    The more things change, the more they remain the some; it's different.
    Life is like a snake shedding it's skin.
    It is possible to live again through prayer to the guru Christ Jesus. ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

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