From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 8 12:34:10 2021
    Real religion is based on spiritual knowledge of reality distinguished from illusion for the ultimate welfare of all people. Violence and terror is the opposite being aimed at acquiring political power and wealth.

    The Pakistan and Taliban use of military force against the people of Afghanistan is a fascist political dictatorship that is against the international principles of inclusive government based on freedom and human rights. There cannot be peace among the
    multi cultural AghanF

    Militants and terrorists cannot be part of the government of Afghanistan because they have Afghan blood on their hands going back some 30 years. The Afghanistan Constitution served the people well over the past 20 years under the U.S./UN organization and
    should be upheld. Where this Taliban militancy comes from is irreligion and oppression and must not be allowed.

    The Northern Alliance and Vice President Saleh is the true elected and inclusive Afghanistan government. No need to make new laws and government just follow the old law. But the Pakistan/Taliban nexus want to steal political power and wealth from the
    people that is why they must use violence and oppression/terror. That cannot be allowed by the international community.

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