• Equally with all others

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    Equally with all others
    I want to serve you,
    Drying from jealousy
    My lips turned blue.
    Word does not slake
    A mouth dry from despair
    Without you I am breathless
    In empty air.
    I am no longer jealous
    But yet I want you, dear,
    I carry me like sacrifice
    To executioner,
    And no I will not call you
    Not love not glee;
    The wild and foreign blood
    Runs now through me.
    Wait for one moment
    And this I will tell you:
    Not joy, but torment
    I find in you.
    And, like a sacrilege,
    Bitten in frenzy
    Your tender cherry mouth
    Still calls to me.
    Return to me at last, love,
    It's awful without you
    Never more strongly
    Have I felt you.
    And in the midnight drama,
    Asleep, awake,
    I call your name out loud
    Even as I shake.

    By Osip Mandelshtam
    Translated from Russian by Ilya Shambat

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