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    The CompuBBS code
    Please use it to communicate :-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- readme.txt - file below between horizontal rule ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer:
    I recommend the use of a blue background(hexadecimal #0000CD) and white text(hexadecimal #ffffff) for the terminal session of the CompuBBS
    computer bulletin board system. Somthing about the blue black
    background that helps anybody to be able to critically think and use the
    tool toward some level of sufficiency. Notice the success of the black
    board or chalkboard of the Jewish pedagogy industry of whichever school
    system. The black board was quite effective in helping so many be able
    to read, write, and do arithmetic amidst that world of the Jewish
    religious war trying to degenerate whichever organ of our human bodys to disrupt critical thinking. Such organizations I mention in the killfile
    under the username of anon246813579@gmail.com through USENET Newsgroups
    as in giganews.com and groups.google.com. So check it out and may you
    too find the clues you need to help you deal with your life condition.
    Good luck to you. I want you to win. The nature of the good is to
    overcome and defeat the bad. Reading is fundamental. Always a
    pleasure. Indeed, there is some good out there. However, don't be
    naieve. Beware of the sucker punch when dealing with whomever in a
    world of Jewish religious war ideations for whichever resources.

    I find the Evangelicalism, Nazism, and Existentialism are worth the
    investment. That world of the Maosit Transcendentalism, Marxist
    Communism, and Mussolini Zionism are no good, you know. Mao, Marx, and Mussolini are Jews who are only for the Jewish and nobody else. Our
    Network of 72 is heavily challenged by the world of the Jewish isms and
    their 3 sabotages in whichever system of things. That is the issue,
    which this CompuBBS helps overcome in some limit.

    The CompuBBS unix computer bulletin board system is one of the HUFA(s) weaponrys. In laymens terms the HUFA is elaborated this way:

    H - Homeopathys
    U - Unix technologys
    F - FIAT moneys through whichever social security office
    A - Ayn Rand postulates of the self using the "I am"(Soham)

    It is like that as we are... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The CompuBBS code
    Satyababu Popuri
    Bachelors in Computer Science

    Silence is death. The need for an open source bulletin board system is
    vital for communication to prosper across this earth planet. In my
    travels I have discovered certain tools that help many to research and
    develop with ease while maintaining a sound and cogent system toward
    such an end. This CompuBBS is an open source version of the NYUNET
    bulletin board system I discovered while mistakenly studying and working
    there in my quest for enligtenment. As fate would have it, I chanced
    upon certain tools that I now present with an assortment of other tools
    I have discovered in my triste with death while working in the I.T.
    industry that just work.

    Indeed, such tools have helped me here and there to maintain a
    consistent understanding of not only Unix fundamentals but also a feel
    good experience that is second to none. These tools represent the love
    affair that never quits. Not only has it valorized and inundated across
    this earth planet but has been the aims and means of my reason for

    Man needs a proper meditation of the heart and this tool list is one of
    the things I have used to be able to better understand myself and
    others. It was during the college years that I was exposed to such
    tools in over 3 universities and 11 years of employment here and there.
    They just work. Given the level of complexity the graphical user interface(GUI) engenders it is refreshing to fall back on a tool base
    that is
    time immemorial. So please feel free to use them and contribute toward
    the open source endeavor to foster freedom of speech.

    For me prayer works but without a means of communication that is
    uninhibited and unmoderated we are at a loss for words. That is the
    shear beauty of the traditional tools as in 'tin' of the USENET NEWS
    as well as the 'irssi' of the IRC servers. It goes on. The list of
    I mention are as follows based on over 20 years of experience with the
    UNIX pragma. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    0. Alpine - a nice email client

    1. Tin - a nice newsreader

    2. Irssi - a nice internet relay chat client

    3. Lynx - a nice web browser

    4. Gopher - a nice ftp client

    5. Nslookup - a nice directory service

    6. Telnet - a nice remote login tool

    7. Tailer - a nice monitoring tool [This I discovered at a .com I worked
    for. It simply goes to an i.p. address and searches for a string. If
    the string is not there an alert is genertated. Maybe it is out there
    in the wild blue yonder of the internet as I chanced upon it once during
    the dawn of the internet in the late 90s and early millenium.]

    8. Sendpage - this is a nice beeper software that helps to keep in touch
    with loved ones and others through the beeper or pager tool. At one
    time during the golden 80s the beeper was the hallmark of those of teh 2
    car garage suburban american dream home.

    9. Calcurse - a nice calendar application to assist with scheduling.
    Indeed, I have seen quite a number of tenured administrators invest into
    a simple calendar tool to assist with their work. The calendar it seems
    is like the most auspicious tool for anyone trying to work for a living.
    Seems to be the hallmark of tenure. Let's see..

    A. ECN - a nice day trading game [This is Josh Green's day trading
    algorithym in Python when he worked at Daytek which is posted once again
    under the username of anon246813579@gmail.com. I encourage learning how
    to deal with money because "when men and women get together [money] gets
    in the way".] That too, they say, education is about learning how to communicate and learn how to deal with money.

    B. Bible - a nice text based bible program [Does anyone know of an old
    school Bible program that is text based and worthy of praise? Prayer to
    Jesus Christ works!]

    C. T.I.A. - this is the Tiny IDE Ada editor. Could Ada be the language
    to mature with as a programmer, just as the UNIX is the operating system
    to mature with as a sysadmin? Surely, Ada is used by the federations as
    NASA, while the UNIX is used by industrys. It seems the larger than
    thou organizations of the world just invest in things that work.
    Unlike those nigger Jews, with thier bullshit Microsoft or pathetic
    solutions to a complex problems. I am trying to encourage the Ada
    programming language over C++ and Java. Does it work? I have no clue.
    Been through so many heartaches and pain trying to go beyond the
    learning curve trying to program. HTML was the best experience. After
    that, it all went downhill.

    D. Tutor - a nice Unix tutorial, which I discovered at New York
    University. Somewhere there is an open source version of it. It is a
    great way to learn the Unix operating system.

    E. Nano - a nice text editor

    F. Bash - a nice command prompt

    $. Exit - a simple exit to the whole CompuBBS tools for research and development.

    I have foregoed useing the 'queue' tool as it may cause some problems as
    far as managing and maintaining the print spool. The queue tool is
    always an issue for any I.T. computer lab as it is often the target of
    attacks by occidental miscreants. There are other tools, such as
    'talk', that are also good if you know how to use them in the code I
    mentioned. I refrained from mentioning 'talk' tool because it requires
    input about the user and terminal to literally talk to using a text
    based interface. That too, I find the talk tool is used by Satanists
    among the Orientals who are in the ways of life of the Yiddish, Zen,
    Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma ancestorys to
    brainwash and influence naive people to become hostages of their JUBU(Judeo-Buddhist) suicide rituals. That is how some nigger of the
    Made in Taiwan Zen tribe of the Jewish tried to influence me to be a
    Shaolin enthusiast. As well, there is a tool which has been mentioned
    that is called 'calc'. Is the 'calc' tool how they implement the
    black-scholes weapon of mass destruction? Who really can calculate
    properly? Even if the tool is properly designed, what do you do about
    the shit culture of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya-neurotoxins, tobacco, and steroids that are all over the place from cool drinks to ingredients in condiments that degenerate any organ of our body
    assisting the interplay of consciousness? When I was on psychotropics I
    really could not tell if it was night or day. Yet, they say 80 percent
    are on the pill of some kind. So what does that mean?

    Well, I tell ya, the whole culture of the psychotropics, narcotics,
    liquor, soya-neurotoxins, tobacco, and steroids are the means by which
    the evil empire of the JUBU; eminating from republics as Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY, USA); area ble to control the masses by having said control substances bind to various parts of our humanoid body as the brain,
    heart, stomach, liver, kindeys, intestine, muscles, and lungs. People
    are literally puppeted to be mindless automatons of the whole
    multi-level massacre. Not only is this done through criminals but also
    through gorvernment authorized institutions with fake diplomas as in
    doctor, lawyer, social worker, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, psychiatrist garnered through bribing of school systems. The whole thing is a farce.
    That too, a fabrication of the false business practices of mlms.
    Although, mlms are colloquially known as multi-level marketing
    businesses they are really multi-level massacre blood money
    manufacturing organizations where the human body is used to make serious
    alloy in the human body and the alloys possibly used to built the novus
    ordo secularam pyramid. The world of Maoist Transcendentalism as an
    economic system is one of human sacrifices where the human body is fed
    to the very tool being manufactured or maintained. That is why the
    level of domestic violence, communal war, and religious war is rampant
    all throughout this earth planet.

    So many governments use the kill organizations of
    Transcendentalism(Temples, Ashrams, and Mandals), Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, Insurance, Gambling, Utilitys, Pedagogy,
    Security, and Legality to garner the blood money to enact their
    multi-level massacre scenarios. It is like that among them. To simply
    eat, sleep, sex, socialize, study, suffice, synergy, spirituality,
    succeed, evagelize, and open source is like more difficult than
    anything. Somehow, the American Dream we find out is alot about at
    least a 6 figure debt in serious economic terms. That is what they are
    like. A world of heinous domestic violence, communal war, and even
    religious war to further the Jewish dogmatic supremacy of the torment
    and torture looming around the nothing, which they brag of as the non
    one thing that is the everything. That of a TNT leads to a world of
    hurt where each of the articles of incorporation that evidences a Jewish
    leader or presence for that matter in wanton disregard and disrespect
    unders up going inferno.

    The destruction of the World Trade Center, Louisiana, IRAQ, Hispania and
    the projected Caribbean and Rule by Might of Hongkong, Pakistan,
    Germany, Morocco, and Argentina are a result of the Jewish trespass and
    Jew baiting treachery. It is like that in a world of Jewish pride and prejudice by the most elite of human beings only to betray the very laws
    they are signatory to. That is the result of the Maoist
    Transcendentalism, Marxist Communism, and Mussolini Zionism that is all
    over the place to the depths of the cosmos mentioned through the Star
    Trek reports. That is what is there.

    What they boast of is true. The disparity between the rich and poor is
    growing worse day by day. As well, the insitutionalization of the
    educated is the norm. Additionally, the usurping of sovereignty and
    hegemony is the very thign that is most invited through the Jewish
    trespass and Jew baiting treachery. That too Satanism through the
    worship of false gods as Gandhi, Buddha, and Khudaji of Judea is like
    all over the place. It is like that among them and thier wanton
    disregard and disrespect toward sentient life, liberty, pursuit of
    happiness, property, faith, and propriety. This has been thier end game
    for nearly 5,000 to 1 million years minimum.

    Yet, amidst it all somethings work. One thing to mention is that the
    forces of the JUBU and their Satanic Dharma get weaker over time.
    Apparently, the 2019 A.D. marks the end of their pagan occult calendar.
    they enter it? The so called Kale Yuga they brag of? What was once
    theirs will be ours.

    In my vector of life, I find whichever the JUBU satanists are against
    are the very things that help me survive. Take for example the Jewish denuncation of beef, pork, egg, cola, cake, sugar and even to the point
    of Indian, Christian, Muslim, European, Women, and Nazi ways. Those are
    the very things that are the most lambasted by those of the Jewish
    diaspora and their foot soldiers of the Jewish literati who seek to
    destroy each and everything that has made their life worth living. So
    many are just happy go lucky with the Jewish slave identitys that is the allurement of the masses. They would rather be turned into an alloy
    through serious austerites of whicever caveats, banalitys, and
    divestments to further the Jewish xenophobia as their own. It is like
    that as they seek to garner success in moneys and prayers without ever
    reading a Bid or Bible.

    While we are fundamentally money getting animals who seek to hunt and
    gather for moneys as the squirrel hunts and gathers for nuts; rare few
    are of the study of books and whichever accompanying things regard the garnering of money. Most are content with the Jewish propoganda and niggervision as they source of information. For what? That is how well controlled the populace by the world of devils triangle corporations
    using the hyperdermic syringe; control substances as psychotropics,
    narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids; as well as the
    brainwashing by the jewish occults in the worship of the swamis of
    Gandhi, Buddha, and Kudaji. Those three lists seperated by the
    semicolon are the literal they mainting to further thier jewish
    religious war for blood money manufacturing leading to a premature death
    filled with trajedy, terrorism, and trauma to say the least. That is
    what most governments of the world bank to justify their sovereignty and hegemony and maintain the Jewish higher law.

    Amidst it all somethings work. Things as Evangelicalism, Nazism, and Existentialism help to countermeasure the Maoist Transcendentalism,
    Marxist Communism, and Mussolinist Zionism; for the Jews like nothing
    more than to implement 3 sabotages in any system of things. That maybe. Indeed, in the I.T. industry the Jews are the most consistent in
    establish the sabotage of the cron scheduler, mmu(memory management
    unit), and math corprocessor. That is what they are able to do. Henve
    them being mentioned in my killfile in this venture of the Cybermatrix
    or to say open source FIAT like moneys contract.

    Evangelicalism - spiritual countermeasures to the Mussolini Zionism
    Nazism - political countermeasures to the Marxist Communism
    Existentialism - financial countermeasures to the Maiost
    Transcendentalism of whichever caste like pyramid scheme of the
    corporate slavery mentioned as the Jewish mlm or multilevel massacre.

    Here in America the reigning mlms that have governed the world of false
    money getting have been herbalife, amway, and citigroup. What is there?
    Only false receipts that are never honored. A world of let downs that
    just get reiterated unto nothing. A collapse of the very economic
    systems themselves. That is how the Asian economic global contagion
    unleashed as so many orientals are heavily of the Jewish marriage and
    Jew baiting treachery toward anyone they have chanced upon. As a result
    the following has been evidenced by the Jew baiting Orientals of the
    Chini, Thai, Ainy, and Malay ethnic groups.

    Asian economic tigers have gone kaput
    Model minority has gone bygone
    Oriental mystique has gone satanic
    Race supremacy has gone genocided

    Now, the challenge for many is the evil empire of the
    JUBU(Judeo-Buddhist) satanists who have hostaged 90 percent of the
    worlds money or gdp through the forced consumption of the psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids either ilegally,
    criminally, institutionally, politically, religiouslly, or
    internationally. The madness or to say mutually assured destructin goes
    on like this in a world of false ways of money getting; meditation of
    the heart; and sovereignty and hegemony.

    I post more online under the username of anon246813579@gmail.com.
    Kindly search for keywords as 'the deprogram', 'the cybermatrix', 'the emcronexus'. Again, somethings work. Thanks god for the guru Christ
    Jesus is the god. Indeed, there is some good out there. While there is
    no that of a thing as a hundred percent it is possible to juxtapose for
    a well and balanced fully that can endure the test of time and surpass
    all understanding.

    Please find mentioned the postings of "The Deprogram Evangelical
    Savoire" on USENET News as in groups.google.com and giganews.com. I try
    to communicate it as often as I can. It is an ongoiing process of enlightenment. I share some clues I have gathered in my nearly 45 years
    of travel across thise earth planet, most in this cosmopolitan city as
    New York City, which to me is a Jewish death camp. I like to collect
    clues. Has America done it again, to allow for the development of a
    proper meditation of the heart the can endure the test of time and
    surpass all understanding? Indeed, there is some good out there.

    The file list for this CompuBBS endeavor is as follows:

    Josh Greenes' Island ECN code

    Please find the code in the following USENET newsgroups:


    Let's setup servers of this type of an unmoderated open source bulletin
    board system. The internet through such tools as the BBS has encouraged reciprocity or mutual respect. This Cybermatrix endeavor which I am
    trying to contravecy is an attempt toward synergy or mutual success. As
    well, there is a need for unity or mutual purpose, which I am coining as Emcronexus. The T.E.A.M. acronymn for "together everyone accomplishes
    more" is worth encouraging.

    The following are some nice networks I am encouraging toward some level
    of mutuality:

    # - network - tool - description - industry - smurf - mutuality - insult(waveform) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    1 - Simulcast - tablet - educational - pedagogy - 2 race mix of British
    and one of any other race mix - infidelity - conehead(analog)
    2 - Internet - computer - technological - technology - indian -
    reciprocity - squarehead(digital)
    3 - Cybermatrix - television - financial - fiduciary - hispanic - synergy
    - tacohead(pulse)
    4 - Tektocracy - beeper - political - grocery - british - ? - skinhead(?)
    5 - Emcronexus - tazergun - fraternal - security - caribbeanese(tamil,
    taino, terron, and tiwi australoids) - fraternity - burrhead(triangle)
    6 - Darkring - console - architectural - realty - african - ? - dothead? (dotpitch?)
    7 - Datatron - tracker(i.e. fitbit) - medical - homeopathy - european - ?
    - ?
    8 - Heliopex - WET(wearable electronic timepiece)(i.e. smartwatch) -
    historical - history - russian - unity - ?
    9 - Transpace - PDA(portable digital assistant)(i.e. smartphone) - sexual
    - sexuality - oriental - ? - slopehead(sawtooth)
    10 - Starscape - controller - audiovisual - hospitality - australian - ?
    - ? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    11 - Sneakerweb - tablet - spiritual - spirituality - arabian - comaradery
    - ?(?)

    Data - basis of reasoning
    Tron - tool for scientific work

    As well, I have noticed the following dutys that seem to withstand the
    test of time and surpass all understanding with my I.T. industry. They
    are as follows:

    CIS Sysadmins:
    (Computer Information Specialties)
    0. networking - solaris/sparc : british(a.k.a grocer)
    1. databasing - linux/intel : mulatto(Terron,Tamil,Taino,Tiwi)(a.k.a
    2. multimedia - osx(bsd)/motorola : european(a.k.a physcian)
    3. programming - haiku/amd : indian(a.k.a consultant)
    4. troubleshooting - cytrix? : hispanic(a.k.a. accountant)
    5. management - sap/vax? : african(a.k.a. landlord)
    6. gaming - irix : russian(a.k.a. lawyer?)
    7. productivity - minix-x11-react os/arm : australian?(a.k.a designer?)
    8. security – sgi? : oriental?(a.k.a. escort)
    9. testing - sco/sylk? : arabian?(a.k.a. scholar)
    Outside contractors:
    10.tutoring - amix : jewish(teacher)[outside contractor]

    With respect to the involvement of the Jewish blight upon humanity
    within the I.T. industry I find they are a curse more than anything.
    All they do is sabotage whichever system to justify yet another failed investment into thier diaspora. It is like that among them as their
    history of failure is not only evidenced in the Holy Bible as in the
    Nubian kingdom of Egypt but also in whichever other civilization to have
    graced this earth planet. That is why the Jews of the Yiddish, Zen,
    Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ(Zoroastrian), Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma
    ancestorys are known as the Negroid race, the niggers of the world.

    Anyway, join us in this endeavor to liberate humanity from the vice grip
    of the Jew baiting culture of the Jewish idiot and Zen wrong. I pray to
    Jesus Christ that you find these clues useful and worthy of praise as I
    This CompuBBS is a brief history of time and space of a world so good.
    In a way, the nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad. So,
    God bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is God. Always a pleasure.
    May you and your loved one's in the name of Jesus Christ be well, happy, prosperous, peacefull, healthy, and safe.

    Let it be said, "[financial] frustration creates a great imbalance
    in mind and body." We need to allay our antogonizing forces so that
    open source fiat like monies are provided for all concerned. The UNIX
    may help with learning how to communicate but the FIAT may help with
    learning how to deal with monies.

    The only issues I have are the evil empire of the JUBU and their
    branches of Transcedentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision,
    Palmistry, and Insurance corporations of whichever bilk and swindel.
    There is that of a thing as evil and it is their incessant anti-Christ
    ways which ruin the whole thing. That is the issue. The dangers of the Jewish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma
    masters of the nothing or meaningless things as in zazen(breathing
    excercises), mantra(meaningless word recitations), and
    koan(visualizations on meaningless riddles) of the Satanic Dharma is
    more than anything. They are more of an evil and a bad influence than
    one can possibly dream. Quite a number bank on those Jewish nigger
    masters of the nothing in order to eliminate innocent and good people to further their zero sum end game. Simply say the words Jesus Christ in
    your prayers to escape from such negative influences.

    The following republics are the bases of the evil empire of the JUBU:

    Taiwan - empire of Zen
    Israel - empire of Jews
    Sicily - empire of LGBTQ
    Haiti - empire of Vudu
    Hawaii - empire of Hindus
    Trinidad - empire of Trini
    Indonesia - empire of Creole
    Phillipines - empire of Hapa
    Tibet - empire of Hoon
    Brooklyn - empire of the Roma

    The Transcendentalist mafia are from such areas acenstorally and are
    harbingers of the worst known massacre known to man, called the
    religious war. This ComuBBS tool is to help people communicate for the
    sake of not only the ontology of Jesus Christ but also to better get
    clues on how to deal with those people of the Dying Arts. I really want
    to setup this system so that those stinken Jews are not a part of it.
    Their trespass into literally every industry to do stupid and sabotaging
    things is a real danger for all concerned. Those people of the Dying
    Arts and the Jewish diaspora are like criminals hell bent on suicide and sacrifice, to name a few. With their penchant toward brain degenerating
    ways, we are headed toward a nuclear war and economic collapse the world
    over unlike anything before. What is the use?

    Already the evil empire of the JUBU has perpetuated the destruction of
    the World Trade Center through thier Y2K bug fix pretention. Already
    the state of Louisiana has been horribly flooded because of yet another
    Jew baiting fetish gone wrong. Already the coronavirus has been
    unleashed to kill off more people.

    I see a trend in history by the Jewish diaspora to literally war with
    anyone for the sake of thier religious war. A religious war documented
    in religious books, life experiences, and television programming. It is
    like all over the place. Open and unmoderated communication for our
    people of Abraham hostaged by those of the evil empire of the JUBU is a
    good means toward liberating us from the ignorance which is not bliss.
    More will arrive to the body of Christ. Believe you me, those stinken
    Jews have to be defeated.

    Already, the Europeans, Russians, Chinese, and now the Arabians have politically made it known that Jews are unwanted in their realm. I as a
    Deshi or ethnic of the Indian subcontinent do the same. I tell ya,
    travelling to my homeland of the Indian subcontinent or Aryavarta was a
    real shocking reality to see so many of my people in abject life
    conditions due to the Hindu pride and prejudice maintained for over
    5,000 years and then some. Those gypsy niggers or even to say the
    negroid race are the very reason why Deshi civilization could never come
    up and was the repulsion of the masses.

    Now with this wonderful capitalism, we can see a world where anyone and everyone is able to use such weapons to ward off the evil ones. Nothing
    worse than trying to find enlightenment in the wrong way through a one
    way ticket to the foothills of the Himalayas after following some
    Satanic master of the Zen empire of Taiwan. Ignorance is not bliss and ignorance of Jesus Christ is like the worst. God bless and God speed
    for Jesus Christ is God. Always a pleasure. Nothing worse than being
    on a park bench drinking liquor going through an existential doubt in a
    land of "One nation under God". Believe it.


    Satya P. Popuri (Satyababu)
    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine
    voice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- compubbs.sh - file below between horizontal rule ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash

    # Ensure we are running under bash
    if [ "$BASH_SOURCE" = "" ]; then
    /bin/bash "$0"
    exit 0

    # Load bash-menu script
    # NOTE: Ensure this is done before using
    # or overriding menu functions/variables.
    . "bash-menu.sh"

    ## Example Menu Actions
    ## They should return 1 to indicate that the menu
    ## should continue, or return 0 to signify the menu
    ## should exit.
    actionA() {
    return 1

    actionB() {
    tin -g news.giganews.com
    return 1

    actionC() {
    return 1

    actionD() {
    return 1

    actionE() {
    return 1

    actionF() {
    return 1

    actionG() {
    return 1

    actionH() {
    return 1

    actionI() {
    return 1

    actionJ() {
    return 1

    actionK() {
    return 1

    actionL() {
    return 1

    actionM() {
    return 1

    actionN() {
    return 1

    actionO() {
    return 1

    actionP() {
    return 1

    actionX() {
    return 0

    ## Setup Example Menu

    ## Menu Item Text
    ## It makes sense to have "Exit" as the last item,
    ## as pressing Esc will jump to last item (and
    ## pressing Esc while on last item will perform the
    ## associated action).
    ## NOTE: If these are not all the same width
    ## the menu highlight will look wonky
    "0. Alpine ----------------------- email client"
    "1. Tin -------------------------- usenet reader"
    "2. Irssi ------------------------ irc network"
    "3. Lynx ------------------------- url browser"
    "4. Gopher ----------------------- ftp protocol"
    "5. Nslookup --------------------- directory service"
    "6. Telnet ----------------------- remote login"
    "7. Tailer ----------------------- monitoring tool"
    "8. Sendpage --------------------- beeper server"
    "9. Calcurse --------------------- calendar app"
    "A. ECN -------------------------- daytrading game"
    "B. Bible ------------------------ the deprogram"
    "C. Tutor ------------------------ unix tutorial"
    "D. T.I.A. ----------------------- programming IDE"
    "E. Nano ------------------------- text editor"
    "F. Bash ------------------------- command prompt"
    "$. Exit ------------------------- [god] speed...✝"

    ## Menu Item Actions

    ## Override some menu defaults

    menuTitle=" CompuBBS - The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat
    the bad..."
    menuFooter=" Enter=Select, Navigate via Up/Down/First number/letter -
    [Prayer works!]"

    ## Run Menu

    exit 0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- bash-menu.sh - file below between horizontal rule ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash

    # Public Functions
    # menuInit() menuLoop()
    # Public Variables to Override
    # Should these get passed into menuInit() rather than be set as global
    # script variables?
    # menuTop # Top row of menu (defaults to row 2)
    # menuLeft # Left offset for menu item text (defaults to column 15)
    # menuWidth # Width of menu (defaults to 42 columns)
    # menuMargin # Left offset for menu border (defaults to column 4)
    # menuColour # Colour of menu text (defaults to DRAW_COL_WHITE)
    # menuHighlight # Highlight colour for menu (defaults to
    # menuTitle # Title of menu menuFooter # Footer text of menu
    # menuItems # Array containing menu item text
    # menuActions # Array
    # containing functions to call upon menu item selection

    # Ensure we are running under bash (will not work under sh or dash etc)
    if [ "$BASH_SOURCE" = "" ]; then echo "ERROR: bash-menu requires to be

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