• A South Asia of freedom and independence from extremist religion and po

    From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 21 11:51:45 2021
    Freedom and independence is the basis of peace, security, and prosperity in the world for all people. Those who do not live freedom and independence cannot give it to others. Freedom has to be lived by everyone in order to bring peace and security for
    all. You cannot have peace and security without freedom and liberty.

    The Taliban is a major Moslem terrorist organization that has been attacking Afghan civilians for the past 20 years. Pakistan harbors major Moslem terror groups and has been supporting the Taliban's war against the people of Afghanistan for those 20
    years. Communist China occupies Tibet and engages in ethnic cleansing Uighur Chinese and jails millions of Falun Gong citizens. For these reasons these violent totalitarian political countries groups should not be allowed to form Afghanistan's government.

    Since independence from India 75 years ago the Afghan people have long been victims of these violent fascist governments and it is time for them to be independent, free and peaceful.

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