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    Iran is the only Muslim country to practice Islam. Other countries are facade (Facade Arabic for Dispute instigated by some interest group.) It's independence is essential to protect Muslims. Think it over and over again, Islam is the First Social
    System to harmonize the development of society where individuals have to rely on themselves and for themselves. No wonder our Constitution is based on Islamic Precepts and when Jewish Precepts are invoked we get into Racism and Imperialism and
    Exploitation and Slavery.
    Mecca has become the Shrine of Islam to show what Islam has taught. Iran is Islam in action. Tehran is becoming what Islam has taught.
    If you think about it, Iran is responsible for the Spread of Islam in Asia through China and the Phillipine Islands. Iran is assuming now the greatest responsibility for the advancement of Islam. The Jews see that and they want to destroy it to Expand
    into Racism and Economic and Political Hegemony over the Human Race.
    abdur-rahim dudar1m
    Iran has decided to stay as a nation among other nations. It is highly respectable.
    As for the article on hand, it is alluding to establish an Iran dependency on its enemies just to enrich or feed the less fortunate. In other words, the Israel policy is to weaken Iran for Israel take-over.
    Iran is very smart as a nation and as individuals. Iran should continue improving the quality of its Uranium to produce its homemade Atomic Bombs to deal with Israel in the least. Israel used Atomic Bombs in 1967. Iran is afraid the same will happen
    to it. We should be more helpful to Iran in creating its First Nuclear Bombs. Israel is not a friend of the American People. Remember Theorem 1, Lemmas 1-4 and Corollaries 1-10. Israel is packaged as a great present for the American People when
    these great Americans are Slaves.

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