• Vladimir Putin match with Izabella Scorupco

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    On Jul 2, 2021, David Dalton wrote
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    Since Vladimir Putin was a country leader on April 7,
    he is an assisted shaktipat recipient and should
    have matchmaking ability himself and be able to
    confirm his match with Izabella Scorupco, but
    it can also be confirmed by attraction. touch that
    feels compatible, and orgasm intensity (in
    fantasy or close up). (But note he would need
    her picture, not just her name, to do the matchmaking,
    but her picture is easily available by google or yandex.)

    Ever seen a pic of his wife, Lyudmila?...the bitch is "40 miles of bad road", Dave!


    Not that ole Vlad needs help getting some oral from the 20 something Commies he has access to, but cudja work your magic to insure ole Vlad gets some in-out in-out time with Izabella?

    Geez...I hate to think WWIII could start just because he was frustrated getting laid and decided to take it out on the West.


    But note that she is also an assisted shaktipat recipient,
    and not that such a.s.r. no longer have partial compatibility,
    and also those in the group of me+a.s.r. can now get
    matches only from within that group unless they were
    already involved with a (sometimes newly) optimally
    compatible match outside that group as of a a while
    ago. So Vladimir and Izabella would need to keep
    that in mind if they were to search for matches
    other than each other.

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