• Cultivated Lilac Blooming

    From Ilya Shambat@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 17 16:32:17 2021
    In violet and purple bloomed the lilac,
    The lilac bloomed in pink and white and pale.
    We headed toward it on a tortuous trail
    Across an ancient fir and furrowed park.

    Sea to the left; river ahead, and hills -
    Behind; the blooming lilacs on the mounts
    Weave from the gentle smell delightful clouds
    And breathe the timeless redolence that heals.

    The lilac bloomed, and to my love I told:
    "If only I could take pen in my hand!"
    And she responded sharply in her stead:
    "The lilac blooms - large, and like ruby and like gold."

    The night is fickle, nervous, luminous.
    The kisses, nibbles until lips turned blue.
    There's so much taste and elegance in you
    The lilac bloomed - the bodies bloomed in us.

    By Igor Severyanin
    Translated from Russian by Ilya Shambat

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