• Evangelical Deprogram Savoire - Literal Ablutions

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    Evangelical Deprogram Savoire - Literal Ablutions

    The following is based on the GURU pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers. Try
    to say the following chantings morning, noon, and evening for a
    recitation of 12 times each. Then do a nice personal prayer in your own language addressed to Jesus Christ for yourself and your loved ones or whichever. Ask and you shall recieve.

    The following are some clues that I have gathered in my nearly 45 years
    of life trying to escape the vice grip of the insitutional system out
    there whether illegally, recreationally, or institutionally. The GURU
    pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers are quite helpful when it concerns
    gaining success in the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, vaccines, technologys, and gaudys. So check it out! I want you to win.

    God bless and God speed for Christ Jesus is the Almighty Yah. Rmember,
    The Guru Christ Jesus is the true gift blessed by God. There is no
    other. So beware of the use of the words god, satanam, jehova, diablo, lucifer, devil, and kudhaji in prayers. Words have power. When you use
    the correct words in prayer and petition then something becomes. A
    whole world of wonder awaits you. So try it..

    The following are recommended chanting to help the respective people
    enter the Arabian spiritual traditions and find a proper meditation of
    the heart or to say emotional guidance that helps to overcome the
    limelight of the world of 'institutionalization of the enlightened'.
    is enlightenment but a process of faith, practice, guidance, experience,
    study, investing, and son; whether it be secular or othewise? So give
    it a try. Nothing worse than being a victim of medical malpractice,
    medical mafias, and medical mlms. So, check it out! ------------------------------------------------------------------
    1)Arabic Shahada testimony - Deshi Xanthocroi(mixed color)

    2)English Salvation testimony - Hispanic Chimangolka(chi-blessed, mangolka-brave)

    3)Hebrew Shema testimony - Manchurian Cromagnon(cro-yeller,

    4)Greek Symvollum(Symbol of Faith) testimony - Caribbeanese(Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, Tiwi) Australoid(austral-southern, oid-likeness)

    5)Russian Sinners Prayer - Polynesian Capoid?(cape-cloak, oid-like;

    6)Polish Signum Crucis Prayer - British Caucasianese?(caucas-broad, ian-gentleman)

    7)German Sanctus Prayer - African Congoid(congo-mountainous(bantu),

    8)Vietnamese Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer? - Antartican Neanderthal?(Cave

    9)Fremch Serenity Prayer? - Judean Negroid?(negro-black,

    Note: I
    mention the Serenity Prayer because here in Jew York City, colloquially
    known as New York City, the serenity prayer is the only thing that is
    taught and encourged in various Jewish occult corpoations, where there
    is evidence of a Jewish leader. So, that maybe the serenity prayer is
    the one that may help the Jewish enter the gateless gate of the Arabian spiritual traditions and overcome thier medical issues. I must admit
    there is some good even among the Jews but there is a world of hurt
    where they are not. Only in the "church" can you really admit to this
    and have the issue dealt with. Other places you become deaf, dumb,
    blind to the whole Jewish trespass and Jew baiting treachery engendering
    a culture of serious wanton disregard and disrespect. Such a banalitys, caveats, and divestments have been the reason why so many civilizations, corporations, communitys, countrys, collusions, concatenations, and
    whichever has a 'c' in it end up in ruin. The Jews may speak of
    educaiton but it is really the Guru Christ Jesus who makes it real.
    Remember, Jesus Christ is the true gift blessed by God.

    1)Arabic Shahada Testimony
    Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa;
    ashaadu anna mohammadan rasulu Allah
    (There is only one God;
    and Prophet Mohammad is the last and final one of Him)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    Helps with the world of criminalty and culture of jail and prison.

    2)Hebrew Shema Testimony
    Shema Israel adonia elohanu adonai ehad;
    baruch shem kavod malchuto layolem vaed
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one; blessed be the name
    of His kingdom forever and ever)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    Helps with the world of mental institutionalization and the culture of
    the pill.

    3)English Salvation Testimony
    O Yah,
    I admit I am a sinner;
    I believe that I need Jesus Christ to overcome sin and death;
    I confess of my sins;
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    Helps with the world of homelessness and transcience. Given your
    resources this os a catalyst that will acquire for you more than before.
    Ask and you shall recieve.

    4)Greek Symbol of Faith
    Pistévo se énan Theó,
    Patéra Pantodýnamos,
    Dimiourgós tou ouranoú kai tis gis,
    kai ólon ton pragmáton oratón kai aóraton.
    Kai se énan Kýrio Iisoú Christó,
    o gios tou Theoú,
    genníthike apó ton Patéra
    prin apó óles tis ilikíes
    Fos fotós,
    alithinós Theós tou alithinoú Theoú,
    genníthike, den dimiourgíthike,
    mias ousías me ton Patéra
    metá apó poia óla ta prágmata éginan.
    Poios gia emás ántres
    kai gia ti sotiría mas
    katévike apó ton ouranó
    kai ensarkóthike apó to Ágio Pnévma
    kai i parthéna María
    kai égine ánthropos.
    Stavróthike gia emás
    ypó ton Póntio Piláto,
    kai ypéfere kai tháftike.
    Kai sikóthike tin tríti iméra,
    sýmfona me tis Grafés.
    Anévike ston parádeiso
    kai káthetai sto dexí chéri tou Patéra.
    Kai tha érthei xaná me dóxa
    na kríneis tous zontanoús kai tous nekroús.
    To Vasíleio tou den tha échei télos.
    Kai sto Ágio Pnévma,
    o Kýrios, o Dimiourgós tis zoís,
    Poios proérchetai apó ton Patéra,
    Poios mazí me ton Patéra kai ton Yió
    latrévetai kai doxázetai,
    Poios mílise gia tous profítes.
    Se éna, ieró, katholikó,
    kai apostolikí Ekklisía.
    Omologó éna váptisma
    gia ti synchóresi ton amartión.
    Psáchno gia tin anástasi ton nekrón,
    kai ti zoí tis epoménis epochís.
    (I believe in one God,
    Father Almighty,
    Creator of heaven and earth,
    and of all things visible and invisible.
    And in one Lord Jesus Christ,
    the ony-begotten Son of God,
    begotten of the Father
    before all ages;
    Light of Light,
    true God of true God,
    begotten, not created,
    of one essence with the Father
    through Whom all things were made.
    Who for us men
    and for our salvation
    came down from heaven
    and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit
    and the Virgin Mary
    and became man.
    He was crucified for us
    under Pontius Pilate,
    and suffered and was buried;
    And He rose on the third day,
    according to the Scriptures.
    He ascended into heaven
    and is seated at the right hand of the Father;
    And He will come again with glory
    to judge the living and dead.
    His Kingdom shall have no end.
    And in the Holy Spirit,
    the Lord, the Creator of life,
    Who proceeds from the Father,
    Who together with the Father and the Son
    is worshiped and glorified,
    Who spoke through the prophets.
    In one, holy, catholic,
    and apostolic Church.
    I confess one baptism
    for the forgiveness of sins.
    I look for the resurrection of the dead,
    and the life of the age to come.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This is helpful for the world of recidivism, which is a reiteration or repetition of going in and out of jail, institution, homelessness, rehab
    and such.

    5)Russian Sinner’s Prayer
    Kyrie Hesous Christea,
    sinea boziya,
    pomiluea menea gresnaog
    (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This helps with possibly deportation. Not sure as of yet. Still
    working on memory, math, maximin, prioritization, scheduling, and ynchronization abilitys. Quite a bit of my abilitys were compromised
    after I applied for a patent for a regular expression search using the
    maybe the egrep *.? or *.^ to search from the boot record to the end of
    the data storage unit. The patent was award to a Jew called Mike Gold.
    I did mention it on usenet but am unable to find it. That is the issue.
    Even the books I try to acquire from O’Rielly publications are not the
    same as I remember them. Anyway, I have full faith I will be able to
    recover my property, which I have lost by the age of 40. Such is life
    in a world of JUBU extremism gone MAD or to say mutually assured
    destruction. Somethings work. Physical and psychological issues have
    improved but the elusive functionality is a bitch like you would not
    believe. Here in Jew York City, my biorythm is out of wack. My sleeping schedule is so not consistent. Simply to wake up in the morning at the
    crack of dawn and enjoy the vivifying influence of the sun and then to
    sleep to the cool chill of the evening is not my life anymore. After
    high school sometime in 1993 I became otherwise. That is the issue.
    For a number of years I could not sleep for nearly 3 months at a
    stretch. Did the Jew collapse the corporation that helps to make our
    lives possible all over again? After, the Crown Heights riots the Vudu
    of the Jewish diaspora became a serious problem for me. From college to
    work to whichever cognition it was like a nightmare on earth. The Y2K
    will evidence. For the nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the
    bad. The projected target is the Vudu homeland of Haiti in the
    Caribbean. The possible attack scenario is teratons of explosive
    capacity incurred by attack from space either using a train or
    motorcycle. What else are you going to do? Seem to be playing Spanish
    music this time around. The meditation goes on.

    6)German Sanctus Prayer
    Heilig, heilig, heilig
    Goel, Herr aller Mächte und Gewalten.
    Erfüllt sind Himmel und Erde
    von seiner Herrlichkeit.
    Hosanna in der Höhe!
    Hoch gelobt sei,
    der da kommt im Namina des Herrn!
    Hosanna in der Höhe!
    (Holy, holy, holy, lord God of hosts.
    heaven and earth are full of thy glory
    Osanna in the highest.
    Blessed is he that commeth in the name of the lorde:
    Glory to the, o lorde in the highest.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This helps with traveling in a world that is chaotic and confusing.
    What map really works when things change like more than anything,
    especially in a world of JUBU extremism seeking to hostage you or anyone
    for the blood sacrifice they seek in front of their altars of the
    Satanam. There is that of a thing as evil. Ignorance is not bliss.
    Silence is death. Apathy is dangerous. You just cannot let your guard

    7)French Serenity Prayer
    O Allah,
    accorde-moi la sérénité
    accepter les choses que je ne peux
    pas changer le courage
    de changer les choses que je peux
    et la sagesse de connaître la différence.
    Vivant un jour à la fois,
    profiter d'un moment à la fois.
    Accepter les difficultés comme voie
    vers la paix.
    Prenant, comme il l'a fait,
    le monde pécheur
    tel qu'il est,
    pas comme je le voudrais.
    Confiant qu'il fera tout bien
    si je m'abandonne à sa volonté;
    que je puisse
    être raisonnablement heureux
    dans cette vie,
    et suprêmement heureux
    avec Lui
    pour toujours.
    (O God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the
    courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the
    difference. Living one day at a time,enjoying one moment at a time.
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace. Taking, as he did, the
    sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that he will
    make all things right if I surrender to His will; that I may be
    reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This helps in dealing with rehab and the world of addictions or to say
    forced consumerism of the control substances of psychotropics, liquor,
    soya, tobacco, narcotics, and steroids; which create serious imbalances
    that disrupt the bodys’ homeostasis or to say natural balance in dealing
    with existence in this earth planet.

    8)Polish Signum Crucis Prayer
    W Imię Ojca i Syna i Ducha Świętego
    (In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This is a serious weapon and seems to have been mentioned prior to the unleashing of the Conrona virus. As a result, the JUBU extremists of
    the corporations of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft,
    Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance took a heavy hit; possibly up to
    a minimum of 600 million.

    9)Vietnamese Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer [https://thomisticum.com/aquinas-prayer-before-study]
    Hỡi Đấng Tạo Hóa không thể nào sánh được, Đấng giàu sự khôn ngoan của
    Ngài đã chỉ định ba thứ bậc của các Thiên thần và đã đặt chúng theo thứ
    tự kỳ diệu hơn các tầng trời cao nhất, và ai đã phân bổ các yếu tố của
    thế giới khôn ngoan nhất: hãy làm theo bạn, người nghệ thuật trong sự
    thật là nguồn ánh sáng và sự khôn ngoan, cam chịu soi sáng bóng tối của
    sự hiểu biết của tôi về những tia sáng của Thine độ sáng vô hạn, và loại
    bỏ xa tôi bóng tối gấp đôi trong mà tôi được sinh ra, cụ thể là, tội lỗi
    và sự ngu dốt. Do Thou, người có bài phát biểu hay nhất cho lưỡi của trẻ
    nhỏ, hướng dẫn lưỡi của tôi và đổ vào đôi môi ân sủng của phước lành của
    Ngài. Cho tôi sự quan tâm của sự sợ hãi, khả năng ghi nhớ, phương pháp
    và sự dễ dàng trong học tập, cái nhìn sâu sắc trong diễn giải và tài
    hùng biện phong phú trong bài phát biểu. Hướng dẫn phần đầu của tôi, chỉ
    đạo sự tiến bộ của tôi, và đóng dấu của Ngài trên công việc đã hoàn
    thành, Ngươi, người nghệ thuật chân chính Thượng đế và con người chân
    chính, người sống và tôn nghiêm thế giới không có hồi kết. (O Creator ineffable, who of the riches of Thy wisdom didst appoint
    three hierarchies of Angels and didst set them in wondrous order over
    the highest heavens, and who didst apportion the elements of the world
    most wisely: do Thou, who art in truth the fountain of light and wisdom,
    deign to shed upon the darkness of my understanding the rays of Thine
    infinite brightness, and remove far from me the twofold darkness in
    which I was born, namely, sin and ignorance. Do Thou, who givest speech
    to the tongues of little children, instruct my tongue and pour into my
    lips the grace of Thy benediction. Give me keenness of apprehension,
    capacity for remembering, method and ease in learning, insight in interpretation, and copious eloquence in speech. Instruct my beginning,
    direct my progress, and set Thy seal upon the finished work, Thou, who
    art true God and true Man, who livest and reignest world without end.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina. ------------------------------------------------------------------
    There is no that of a thing as a hundred percent.
    There is some good out there.
    Image is not everything.
    Things are not as they seem.
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    Silence is death.
    Apathy is dangerous.
    You have to believe in flawless victory.
    Prayer works.
    Somethings work.
    Never let your gaurd down.
    Bewre of the sucker punch.
    Good luck to you.
    I want you to win.
    The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad.
    More corporations have collapsed due to the Jewish divestment than by
    through any other form of allurement.
    God bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is the Almighty Yah.
    You have to believe in a good beating.
    Don't give up.
    Just do it.
    Whichever they are against, I am all for.
    Eat a meat sandwich.
    Food is medicine.
    Mineral water is the source of life.
    Money is the essence of the very life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
    property, and propriety we strive for.
    Money is what makes the world go round.
    No money, no honey.
    When men and women get together [money] gets in the way.
    Men are from Mars, women are from Venus; in a world without a prayer.
    You can never have too many friends.
    Fallacys breed contempt.
    Like begets like.
    The more things change, the more they remain the some; it's different.
    Life is like a snake shedding it's skin.
    It is possible to live again through prayer to the guru Christ Jesus.

    Spiritual Holy Cross ascii
    .c0N0c. .:' .xNX: .,;. ,kNKo.
    .:ON0c. .::' .xNK: .,c,. ;ONKl.
    .;ON0l. .::;kNKo,c,. .c0N0c.
    ;kNMXxcccccccccccccccccccd0NWNXOocccccccccccccccccccdXMWO:. .oNMMKxdddddddddddddddddddkXWWWN0xdddddddddddddddddddx0WMXl.
    ;OWXo. .,::ONKd;:' .lKNk,
    .cKW0: .,c,..xNXc .::' ;ON0:
    .dNNk' .:,. .xNK: .:;. 'xNXo.
    ,kWXo. . .xNK: . .oXNk'
    .cKW0: .xNK: :0W0:
    .dXNk' .xNK: ,kNXo.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .oXNx'
    :0W0: .xNK: .:0W0;
    .oXNk' .xNK: ,kNXl.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .dNNx'
    :0W0: .xNX: .cKWO;
    .oXNk' .xNXc ,OWKl.

    I have no clue about the following people as they are unfamiliar to me:

    1)French Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer - Antartican Neanderthal?(Cave like) 2)Vietnamese or Spanish Serenity Prayer? - Judean Negroid?(negro-black, id-instinctive)
    3)Russian Sinners Prayer - Polynesian Capoid?(cape-cloak, oid-like;
    4)Polish Signum Crucis Prayer - British Caucasianese?(caucas-broad, ian-gentleman)

    Documentarilly, actually, theoretically, logically, financiall, and evangelcially how is the some proofs of truth evidenced? Again, I have
    noticed in those places where there are British type of people in
    stereotypical Polish citys as Jersey City, NJ and Buffalo, NY they are seriously like mystical beings who are able to represent a level of raw
    and natural beauty so stunning. It is quite nice. However are they
    genuinely British Caucasianese or a mix of some British and some one
    other race? That is the doubt. Then again, I do know of a John
    O'Connor who lives in Jersey City, NJ who is without dbout an Irish
    person. So could the Jersey City as a stereotypical Polish city be well represented by the Bristish and not of the mixed race where the British Caucasianese are the literal mention?

    Anyway, it is like this. That is why the efforts toward enlightenment
    are considered a process influenced by faith, practice, guidance,
    experience, study, and investing. To verify things we need to not only
    call upon Christ Jesus but also find some proofs of truth evidenvced documentarilly, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically, etc. I tell ya, ignorace is not bliss. There is alot
    going on out there. A world of deception by those of the Dying Arts.

    Take for example the Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas who for
    many years fooled people to think that the Tamils are the natives of the
    Indian subcontinent, the Taino are natives of the Americas, the Tiwi are
    the natives of Africa, and the Terron are natives of Europe and nowadays
    are playing the hustle of being Guyanese; when in reality the Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, and Tiwi are natives of the Caribbean Antilles and are of
    the Australoid race. To further thier drug business through medical malpractices, medical mafias, and medical mlms the Caribbeanese have not
    only been victim to the Jewish religious war but have time and time
    again admitted to the keyword of genocide. Genocide is a big word with
    big implications. Again, that is the issue of the ignorance which is
    not bliss.

    While the Caribbeanese are of the 4th Prophet who maybe Greek, the
    Symbol of Faith seems fitting for them as the Tmail, Taino, Terron, and
    Tiwi are the most exemplary in the areas of influence where Greek
    language, philosophy, history, mythology, fraternity, and theology are evidenced. Others among them show a level of crassness that is only ameliorated through serious practice of prayer, chanting, and meditation
    under the possible mention of the Greek Symbol of Faith testimony of the Synekdemos. Again, somethings work.

    The Polynesian or to say ethnic people of Australia I have no clue about
    and am not familiar with too much. I may have seen one at one work
    environment but not much of a relationship with him. That too is Daryl
    Hanna of the 'Clan of the Cavebear' movie an Antartican Neanderthal who
    is of British and some other mixed race? Anyway, let us pray about it
    so that the ontology of the guru Christ Jesus makes us aware of
    enlightens us about such doubts.

    Dear Jesus Christ the Messiah my Guru who is the Almighty Yah, help us
    sentient beings to find the proper entry for the above mentioned social
    orders of Negroid, Capoid, Caucasianese, and possibly Neanderthal people
    so that they may partake in the exclusive understanding of your love and enlightenment to be able to escape from the vice grip of the false ways
    of life heavily mitigated by the hyperdermic syring of Judea;
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most gracious and merciful;
    Amina, Amina, Amina.

    I may know somethings of god but I do not know god in full...

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

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