• Even Hitler didn't close Catholic churches

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 16 08:19:33 2023
    Going one step beyond Hitler, the neonazi, antisocialist Ukrainian freeloaders are interfering with religious freedom as opposition to Zelensky's wish for nuclear conflict goes on. USA has a senile President wit his head up his own ass dreaming of USA
    as supreme world leader. As bad as Trump may be, a senile and stupid leadership is worse.

    Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko on Friday ordered the closure of 74 churches belonging to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), citing its alleged “direct ties” to the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Klitschko’s decree is similar to that used to seize the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, or Monastery of the Caves,

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