• Ramaswamy to be Trump's V.P. choice

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 9 09:26:56 2023
    Personally, thinking of "The Apprentice", I would expect Trump will select Ramaswamy as his running mate.
    Perhaps the Russian leaders would prefer that route, as we pursue an avenue of peace, shifting away from obsolete Cold War mentality.
    As much as I dislike Trump, I would prefer him to the obsolete slow thinking of the current US President.
    I won't vote for Trump, but definitely well not vote for Biden. I believe Biden loses more votes than Trump, in spite of all indictments and their results. As an average American, I believe US prosecutors missed their mark when taking aim at the misdeeds
    of Trump. Unanimous beyond the shadow of a doubt among 12 random US voters? What are the actual odds considering the high probability of jury nullification and the consequent acquittals?
    As an average juror, I would not be convinced beyond shadow of a doubt and may exercise right to jury nullification if I believe the misdeed does not deserve a guilty verdict. So what are the odds? Really?
    Odds of Class 3 hurricane hitting Washington next week better than odds of Trump not bearing Biden in 2024.

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