• The Human Sacrifice in Titoist Communism

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    1 Corinthians 10:20
    No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God.
    And I do not want you to be participants with demons.

    * * *

    It is unclear where the idea of human sacrifice came from to communism
    in the first place, but we know it existed in Greek, Roman, Aztec, Inka, Maya, and many other civilisations which we now call pagan, but in the pre-
    Christian times they were mainstream.

    From the talk of the Titoists themselves, they got the human sacrifice from Islam and they hoped for redemption from and by Islam, thus not being completely atheist or materialist. One of their worst fears in their duplication
    of Heaven and Hell in the System on Earth is that they would "stay here".

    The human sacrifice first probably served to win the battles against the
    Nazi and Wehrmacht army, and as such it was compatible with the "human
    waves" doctrine of military attack by the Russian military in WW2, i.e.
    by marshall Zhukov as it is believed, though you will probably know this better.

    The deviation comes when the communists executed a great retribution
    on the "class enemy" and the "collaboration forces", mainly in the former Socialist Yugoslavia republic of Croatia.

    The crackdown was repeated on the "Croatian Spring", just as on the
    awakening in Hungary of 1956 or in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Allegedly,
    there was a threat of Russian intervention in Socialist Yugoslavia
    as well, and Marshall Tito had to order a crackdown on the Croatian Spring which was seen as a nationalist deviation from the socialist path.

    Before or during that - unbeknownst to the author - the Titoist
    communists started to sacrifice human lives for things of lower worth
    than freedom - for a "petolyetka" success, for major construction
    projects, then the value of life degraded in the eyes of Tito's communists
    to sacrifice human or animal life for a job, career, car, apartment,
    sexual stamina, business, a technological advancement in hardware
    or software, etc.

    In the same manner, the methods of sacrifice became more sophisticated.
    As most of the population "sold" to them - i.e. for the "free social housing" they had to sell their graves and their ancestor lines - they would use
    the telekinetic powers to cause an "accident" (traffic, airline or other)
    that would cause death or injury which would amount to the blood
    sacrifice required for material or positional gain.

    The greatest concern, however, is that the victims would gradually
    "stop to return", without the ancestors, without any possibility to
    earn the bare necessities without having to sell etc. But probably
    the worst is the selling for sexual stamina which is the direct worship
    of Baal, leading to the increase of Baal's "black offspring" which
    remained pagan despite the infant baptism. (Most of the communist
    were still secretly baptising their children in the Croatian Roman Catholic Church. However, when their worship changed from Christ to the so-called
    "Lady of Croats" and the fake apparitions in Međugorje, the decline
    of the nation became virtually total.)

    The communists have now infiltrated the ruling nationalist Party and
    serve with their UDBA methods to control the sexuality of the major
    population, but by means of State and secret service control instead
    of flocking them by the Holy Spirit.

    The role of the psychiatry remained such that they enabled
    genetic selection and elimination of all dissent over a couple of
    generation, labeling them with psychiatric diagnoses and with stigma
    that made them completely unwanted for procreation, save for a couple
    of brave exceptions.

    In this system that had the communists almost completely sold to NWO,
    the State and the banking system, insurance companies and Telekoms
    prosper well, and everything connected to the State idol, while the
    private initiative is uprooted, the centre of the capitol looks like a wasteland with 2/3 or more private businesses, craftsmen and artisans
    closed in favour of the imported goods.

    Industry and farming are deprecated despite huge subsidies, but in
    practice, they are given to the people with fiction lands in thorns and briars as well, with the inspectors bribed or coerced to cooperate with the politically backed "local sheriffs".

    The mental programming of the entire nation is not an accident, and
    it is exacerbated during the election campaign, in which the only complaint
    of the communists serving the nationalist ruling Party is that they left
    too many "white ones" or a single one, so that the programming of
    elections through synchronicity couldn't be "perfect".

    However, this is being stated mostly for the historical observation,
    without much hope in the change from the West or East.

    In this country, the young sell way too cheap, and there might not
    ever be a critical mass of people required for the change, and it
    might also be rapidly declining as the generation that remembers
    a freer land and society is descending from this earth.

    in the Lord

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