• Oppenheimer movie reveals American anti-communist hysteria

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 22 08:42:13 2023
    It is important to be able to have intelligent conversation across international boundaries, but because of all the bullshit simple communication becomes complicated.
    On one hand we have global warming and other environmental concerns while on the other hand we see an acceleration of cold war actions breeding international mistrust, when global cooperation is needed.
    But see, to the West, global cooperation sounds too much like global communism, and that is to be prevented at all costs by US military strength, or soo it seems.
    As a scientist, one might not be inclined to such primitive thinking as it is unenlightening and impedes good thought. We find it frustrating to have national leadership stuck in the mindset of the 1950's
    Once again, nuclear science could be used to address environmental and global energy concerns instead of MADD blackmail.
    US needs inexpensive electronics to optimize commercial fusion power without the neutron flux issue. We need to stop this silly conflict an allow Russia her Crimea and natural gas deliveries while curtailing the old fashioned ethnic prejudices of
    nationalism. This shrinking globe simply disallows it.
    That is, US needs to be a little less aggressive with China and also to scale back this Cold War which Biden escalated.
    American propaganda will be what it is, but what is important is how we got here and to secure the memory of how it happened. This means not to discredit my own good memory as it contradicts current spin of what happened.
    Scientific thinking is conducted quite differently than political thinking and it should not be surprising to discover conflicting conclusions concerning what is true and should be taught to our children.
    With respect to the future of practical nuclear fusion, scientists can be certainly apprehensive concerning the role of US Government control r involvement. Its attitude of secrecy certainly brought about and/or escalated the current Cold War.
    With a need for international cooperation there is an impeding effort by hysterical fears bred by the anti-communist attitude of US leadership who depend on corporate donations for their reelection efforts.
    The working man does feel that his interests are ignored or overlooked by the elected officials who argue about nothing but the same old bullshit once elected. In a conservative country, nothing really changes because the politicians argue against any
    radical changes that may be proposed. What is radical, may you ask?
    Good question. A working solution, perhaps?
    With an educated background, we can seek out what is possible, but it will take billions if not trillions, requiring global cooperation, in order to replace fossil fuel with practical nuclear fusion energy. Science proposes several possible routes.
    Economics will suggest the optimal route, but politics may bring about several routes, one perhaps better than the other.
    I actually see China as being able to pull ahead of the US with regard to delivering power to her people from nuclear fusion. This is party because US state domestic policies and corporate concerns discourage optimal development of practical inexpensive
    nuclear power delivery. Much of the opposition is related to public ignorance of nuclear science and the related fears arise.
    The actual truth concerning nuclear fusion might be the fact that current technology has promising materials, electronics and computing power to manage such a complicated and powerful process error free. This does not exclude any damage created by
    external hostile force. The systems always need a safe shutdown state in order to stay operative.
    I shall need proper efforts to be made to advance nuclear fusion development as we bring to an end this Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Biden is managing domestic support as long as no US servicemen are being sent into the fight. US politicians lose votes if
    that happens while they gain votes for being tough against communism by arming Ukraine. They fear the loss of votes if they vote not to send guns and weapons to help Ukraine. Despite the cost, having Ukrainian men fight against the Russians works better
    than having US soldiers fighting against the Russians. US Special Forces could already be involved, but that is always kept secret. No doubt US is giving Ukraine real time information obtained from secure electronically gathered intel.
    No doubt still, the more enlightened minds are trying to figure out how to end the conflict. I am sure there are solutions, but equally certain that there are conflicting solutions, so we need a compromise.
    Part of that compromise involves the dismissal of the anti-communist hysterics shared by US political leadership.

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