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    To explain, I believe that in this Universe there are not too many choices for efficient
    and elegant algorithms, just as there are not too many choices of fundamental constants
    like mass of electron, electron charge, gravitational pull etc. that would still enable

    Here is the human ingenuity discovering those algorithms just like Nikola Tesla discovered
    rotating magnetic field and multiphase electric current. But he said he saw it in a vision
    while reciting Faust.

    This does not mean that the origin of AC electric current is from Lucifer while thunders
    are evidently from God as numerous Scriptures confirm:

    "When Moses stretched out his staff toward the sky, the LORD sent thunder and hail, and
    lightning flashed down to the ground." (Exodus 9:23).

    I am certain that the Intelligent Designer designed electricity and magnetism such that
    rotating electromagnetic field works (example: natural spherical thunderbolts), much
    rather than believing that Tesla's spirit and soul were caught in the worldwide high
    voltage power grids.

    So do I believe that the silicon is Intelligently Designed by the Creator so that
    transistors and microchips can be made efficiently.

    I don't believe that Alchemy, Black Magic and Satanism helped man make microchips and
    transistors, but this still has to be proven. For certain, the properties of God-created
    matter are not from Satan, even if it is "strange matter".

    In the Book of Enoch, angels have given the forbidden knowledge and technology to mankind,
    and this is my first source of inspiration with the technological development (that angels
    of God possess those technological knowledges, and Lucifer is just a fallen one).

    Also, in Greek mythology it is attributed to Hermes and not to demons. So I believe
    that the connection of Satan and technology is a consequence of Medieval superstition
    which connected science with heresy and magic, that brought back mankind for thousand
    of years after the Roman civilisation fell, primarily due to decadence.

    This caused people to seek wisdom through occult and rebellion from God, unlike in the
    Islamic science that was believed to glorify Almighty Allah by discovering His secrets.

    There was a great progress in astronomy in Islamic science in the period up to 12th
    century, while in Europe it was almost occult and forbidden, but then something happened,
    and Islam fell behind in scientific development, up to the present day.

    (Discussion of end of the golden age of Islam is beyond the scope of this article,
    and it is left to historians.)

    Book of Enoch, Chapter VIII
    "And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and
    made known to them the metals 〈of the earth〉 and the art of working them, and bracelets,
    and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds
    of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. 2. And there arose much godlessness, and
    they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways.
    Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments,
    Barâqîjâl, [paragraph continues] (taught) astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Ezêqêêl
    the knowledge of the clouds, 〈Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the
    sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon."

    While it is clear that technology brought corruption before the Great Deluge, or it
    wouldn't happen at the hands of the loving God Almighty, it is not clear whether
    the serving angels did some technological provision for the righteous, much like they
    did supernatural provision for Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

    It is clear, for example, that breeding flock in the colour Jacob owned was supernatural,
    but it was not black magic or it wouldn't be in the Holy Bible (Genesis 30:31-43).

    Likewise, the problem with the technology might be the vector used to receive it, without
    the Creator's blessing and outside of His will.

    If it is received through occult and Satan, it might not be blessed even if God Creator
    created blessed matter with those properties, and it will bring misery and decadence.

    Sometimes God blesses technology later, by the grace, and mankind learns the ethics
    of certain technologies, bringing regulation, laws and the rules of engagement.

    This is done by the grace of God, or corrupt technology would cause the demise of
    mankind, which God postpones for the sake of the elect, so that none of the righteous
    would be destroyed with the wicked.

    * * *

    Like in mathematics, where there are certain numbers we cannot arbitrarily choose like
    𝝅 (pi), e, golden ratio, ...; like in physics, where we cannot arbitrarily choose
    mass of electron or charge of photon, so I believe that in designing algorithms we
    must obey certain laws of design that are preordained or they will simply not be elegant,
    but bloated or buggy.

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