• UN Commission concludes that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine

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    GENEVA, 23 September 2022 - Based on its investigations into events in the regions of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine has concluded that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine.

    The Commission has documented violations, such as the illegal use of explosive weapons, indiscriminate attacks, violations of personal integrity, including executions, torture and ill-treatment, and sexual and gender-based violence. It also found that
    the rights of children have been violated.

    On a visit to Ukraine in June 2022, the Commission observed first-hand the damage that explosive weapons with wide-area effects caused to residential buildings and infrastructure in populated areas, including schools and hospitals. A number of the
    attacks that the Commission investigated were carried out without distinguishing between civilians and combatants.


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