• Telephone Mama

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    I lived my life on a razor blade
    Never found escape in my empty shade
    'Til came one day when the C.I.A.
    Said we need you bad down in Leningrad
    I took my life of a legal alien
    A "Bolivian dancer"
    That's what I was and I knew I found my aim

    Just telephone mama
    Just living on a poison pill
    Telephone mama
    A robot dressed to kill
    Telephone mama
    That's all kept in mind
    Telephone mama
    The rest is left behind

    I met Freulein in a French café
    Just a cigarette and a "les jeux sont faits"
    Then came one night when she was in sight
    Through the bathroom door saw her seek for more
    I took my colt and I pointed at her eyes
    Sentimental Cancer
    That's what it was
    And I knew I lost my prize

    Just telephone mama ...

    She looked at me but she was so sweet
    She knelt to my feet
    Said she had to cheat
    'Cause she lived her life on the sharpest knife
    And the K.G.B. never let her breathe
    I took her hand, we decided to go far
    A naivest "dancer"
    That's what I was
    And two men approached the car

    Just telephone mama ...

    ORIGINAL SOUND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bskx6nSil5M

    Lyrics by Gazebo 1984

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