• The Daily Purge: Hostage Situation

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 12 07:39:36 2023
    Many people think, say, and pray: "Why doesn't God act now and stop evil?"

    The world can be imagined much like a hostage situation in a bank.
    The criminals took over the bank, took the customers and clerks hostage,
    and demand ransom. Either they will be paid, or they will stop shooting hostages, one every hour.

    But some of the customers sided with the criminals, some thought that
    the bank is evil and robbing them, so they all got mixed. The SWAT team couldn't enter because they would kill half of the clerks and customers
    in the line of fire to take out the criminals and robbers.

    Then mayor decided to send his son, unarmed, because
    he was an influencer and a popular guy, so he could win the hearts
    of the customers and clerks back to the side of the law and justice.

    Banks, however much they inclined to usury and eviction of the debtors
    from their homes to the streets, are protected by the law.

    Mayor's son entered the bank alone, unarmed, and started negotiating.
    He started to persuade the people to help the police as they enter the
    building in an attempt to deliver them. However, as the criminals
    figured out they are losing the heist, they executed the major's son.

    After that, the criminals lost the support of the public and only the
    criminals among the customers still supported them.

    But the situation was still not clear, and the SWAT team could not
    enter, because some of the innocent customers would be killed out
    as collateral victims, but that was still not acceptable to the grieved
    mayor, despite losing his son's life at the hand of the kidnappers.

    So the impossible game of nerves and negotiation continued ...

    in the LORD

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