• The Vegetarian Giant

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 12 02:17:52 2023
    I went up through the mountain and there was a big giant. But this one
    was a vegetarian.

    I spoke to him and asked why is he so sad.

    "I am a giant, you know.", he replied, "All other giants mock me because
    I milk my cows instead of just eating them."

    He shrugged, and the mountains shook.

    In the distance, a city was shaken and several buildings brought down, except for the local church.

    "Wow! Why did you do this? You destroyed the city! I thought you were a vegetarian?"

    The giant shrugged again, and there was another tremor. A building that
    was half-moved was finally leveled. But the people were already outside
    of this one.

    "Look! You did it again! Why did you shrug again?"

    "Because I wondered why I shrugged the first time, I guess."

    I realised this was one of the great giants of the old. Probably the gods
    left him because he did not harm any of the little ones, and he did not
    seem carnivorous, so I relaxed.

    The giant offered me his cheese, and it was good. The cows seemed
    like the happy cows.

    "Why don't you eat cows, like the other giants of your kind?", I asked in astonishment.

    The big giant smiled.

    "A cow gives its own weight in cheese each year, just if you wait long enough for the return! I love my cows and I couldn't eat them. Let alone eat them alive ..."

    I left marvelled and I proceeded to the next valley ...

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  • From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 17 12:44:44 2023
    The next valley turned out to be the valley of primitive human ancestors.

    The guardians kept them on a planet and gave them food and water for free, but each
    time the natives stoned one of the guardians in the process.

    When the last guardian was left, he mounted and erected a tower that was generating
    the shield from the sun of the neighbouring Red Star, the water production facility and
    the food supplement generation plant. It was all powered by a battery pack that could
    last for 120 years and power cells.

    When the guardian eventually departed, the natives started worshipping the tower that
    gave them food and water, and in belief that it will not work otherwise, they started offering
    it a "daily sacrifice". Soon the basement of the tower was full of skulls.

    The next generation of the natives was even more afraid of the tower, and they started
    developing plans to disable it and destroy it. Then would pile up on stunned bodies of
    their predecessor, because the last guard set the setting to "stun" and not "kill".

    After the natives learned that they will not die, they started developing ever more clever
    ways to disable the tower. Eventually, one of them threw himself into a shaft jumping
    from the pile of stunned bodies and short-circuited the system.

    The shield immediately failed and they started to feel the effect of the Red Star on their
    skin, and soon they realised that water and food were no longer coming from the place
    they took it for granted ...

    I marveled and proceeded to the next valley ...

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    I proceeded to another valley, and there the people erected themselves a ruler.

    Though he had smooth talk, soon enough, he made himself a king.

    Later on, he started imprisoning and executing all people who disagreed with him.

    Every thought or word was punished with prison or death.

    His son proceeded the same path. The people who were likely to defy government of the
    ruler were executed, imprisoned, or could not raise offspring due to the conditions. Their
    girlfriends and wives were raped, and beget the children of king's servants. The "white" children
    were aborted under the accusation of being "black" and evil.

    Every learning, work, or saving was punished and soon reduced to zero, except for stealing,
    snitching neighbour, and bullying them, those righteous and those working hard.

    His grandson was even worse, he tried to look friendly and tolerant ruler before the
    other kings, but by now only people who were likely to lie, falsely accuse, steal or embezzle
    were genetically selected into the population.

    The watchers raised a deliverer every now and then, but the peasants in the valley were
    also very envious and maliciously destroyed every talent of the deliverer that was meant
    to save them, eating the chickens before they could hatch.

    So, they stayed in the valley, and I saw that the fourth son of the first ruler was even worse,
    he disregarded every need to stay nice or look acceptable before the other kings, trying
    to eliminate the rest of the "white ones" his ancestors left behind by mistake ...

    The more evil the ruler was, the more the genetically selected obedient offspring worshipped

    I marvelled and proceeded to the next valley ...

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