• The Truth About The Slavonic People

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    The truth about the Slavonic people is simple: whether the Russians kill Ukrainians, or Ukrainians kill Russians, it is all good, because there will be less Slavs.

    That's why we will supply them with just enough ammunition not to be
    defeated, but never enough to gain a full victory on the frontlines.

    This is why we will supply them with what is necessary to fight the bloody
    war, but never enough to win, and in the process we will enforce their debt slavery rather than freedom. The game of the West is dirty. West doesn't
    want free men and free nations. Let the Slavs kill each other, we have enough billions of people on the planet!

    Slavonic peoples are dangerous, because they carry the message of God,
    the message of Christ, the message of equality, and defiance towards servitude.

    Slavonic peoples were converted by preaching, and by preaching in their
    own languages, by St. Cyril and St. Method, and they are dangerous ever
    since to the world orders which came after, carrying the message that kings were not gods and that they equally have to go to the toilet each day like
    the rest of us or they become bloated with fecal stuff rather than godlike emperors.

    It is not by accident that the first socialist revolution happened in a Slavonic
    country, it was by destiny and Providence. It was by the seed of equality
    and justice left by the preachers and the apostles.

    But somehow God and Christ and justice eventually got out of the equation
    and the things went all wrong. But this doesn't deny the cause of justice
    and equality.

    God is not the enemy of the working class, He is their liberator, ever since the deliverance from the slavery of Egypt and the voyage to the Promised Land.

    Why was then God denied in the equation? Because of the way the
    adulterous church sided with the oppressive class of feudalists and capitalists.
    Even after the capitalists turned against the very principles of God, equality, justice, righteousness, divine union of man and woman, the churches did not stop to claim that was the will of God upon the ruling class, just as they
    did not stop claiming it when feudal masters lived in plenty and debauchery mocking the starving peasant class.

    But this doesn't deny the cause of God, and it doesn't deny the cause of Slavonic nations. They are currently denied of their role in the new world order, and made kill and murder one another. Why?

    Less Slavs and less humans is good news for the NWO, because they
    want the world population to be about 600 million to a billion top.

    They fail to see that the top 100 million consumes more resources than
    the bottom 6 billion. Because they are not given to see. But I see, and
    God sees.

    I cannot act on behalf of this because of my limited power, and God
    doesn't act because it is not His appointed time.

    But you brothers have the power!
    Stop killing your brothers and sisters!

    You might consider them deranged and prone to debauchery and corruption,
    but God chooses the paths of grace. Why is God choosing not to punish

    Because most of mankind had been abused themselves previously and first,
    and that made them choose the wrong paths. That made them weak and
    susceptible to corruption, not only innate evil nature. Many are corrupt because of the chain events from the first corruption, and might not get corrupt if there was not the original sin in Eden.

    This is for God to judge, and we are not to kill our neighbours because
    they are this or that. Too rebellious or too obedient, too gay or too masculine,
    too lazy or too entrepreneurial.

    The power of Slavonic nation is not in looking to the East or to the West,
    but looking deep down and looking within, into the core of the soul.
    This is where the corrupt power of money did not get yet, and neither
    the gender ideologies. I know it did not, because you are still reading this!

    We cannot stop world corruption, but we can pray for the end to be
    postponed. And God requires an act of grace without expecting anything
    in return. So we would prove ourselves worthy of existence. A small act
    of grace, but I can't do it for you, and God can't do it for you.

    It is your choice and your free will.

    Choose life!

    in the Lord

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    It must be noted that the common citizens of the Western countries are largely unware of the population decimation and the control of population movement,
    and of its clandestine practices, so this article is by no means a call for hatred on
    all the Western values and brotherly nations.

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