• The Daily Purge: The Loss of Containment

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    As the Earth was created, God set Man (Adam) to keep dominion
    over it. This setting was irrevocable, as God did not change His mind
    when Adam and Eve sinned by eating from the forbidden tree of the
    knowledge of good and evil, by Eve being enticed by the Serpent
    and she also gave Adam to eat.

    This is a well-known story of the "Paradise Lost".

    This incurred the first "loss of containment": Adam had lost his
    connection with the God Creator and realised that he is no longer
    protected by his faith in Him, but completely unprotected and naked.

    From this point on, it seems that more things have gone wrong.
    The Scriptures witness that the natural order was broken and twisted
    when mankind sin:

    Jeremiah 5:25
    Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have
    withholden good things from you.

    Eventually, sin can lead to the very end of the human race as we
    know it. How?

    In many ways, too many to mention - but we will limit ourselves
    to that which is already written.

    I will mention just the possibility of incest and inbreeding, which
    would reduce biodiversity and amplify genetic diseases, including
    the very metabolic disorders: when procreating sexually, there are
    odds that the defective metabolic gene will be suppressed by the
    dominant ancestor's healthy gene - but in the case of incest
    (inbreeding between close relatives) this advantage is lost, and the
    likelihood of having the same broken copy rises sharply.

    This is just the genetical downside of incestuous relationship, not
    even mentioning its effect on authority of parent and the cosmic
    order of things.

    In particulate, communists in Socialist Yugoslavia demanded that
    the working class and farmers not only believe in the Party but
    virtually "sell to them". This did not look off in the beginning but
    later started to look like a full pact with the Devil, mostly out of
    unbelief and the basic fear of death.

    WIsdom 1:16
    16 In spite of this, the ungodly called out to death by what they did
    and said. Thinking that death was their friend, they lost their resolve
    and made a treaty with death. Let them have each other: death
    and the ungodly belong together!

    Those men who have sold have lost their fertility or would have
    "black offspring" (or dark offspring, to be more politically correct).
    The females naturally reacted in majority - and started the telekinetic
    male seed theft. This however had a consequence of the "collectivisation
    of fatherhood", and no one later knew who was his real biological father,
    as telekinetically stolen seed could have come from everywhere
    (the Zulu tribe in Africa called such children "shaka": "conceived by
    the wind", hence the legend of Shaka Zulu.)

    This phenomenon further increases the likelihood that someone
    would unwittingly mate with his half-sister or daughter, or that
    daughters would steal the seed from their real fathers and beget
    children thereof.

    This obvious degeneracy must not be dealt with by some form of purge,
    or witchhunt, for "plucking the tare" usually ends up reaping out
    less resistant wheat.

    This looks odd now perhaps, but as the faith in God Creator withers,
    the containment of created elements also locally fades - this in the
    end enables the impregnation and incubation of women and girls
    by animals, demons, or even machines!

    (This is not unheard of and is kept in memory by the Greek legends
    of Minotaur, man-bull, or Perseus, man-horse.)

    Apart from the very elements losing containment locally, or in the whole Universe:

    Matthew 25:24
    Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened,
    and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.

    Men without God will invariably be seduced by their own incestuous
    daughters and their very existence will be degraded, first morally,
    then also the increase of physical deformities will arise.

    Moral and genetic decay from incest was universally feared as an
    archetype ever since the dawn of men and the first community: the
    strict ban on incest existed in Aboriginal ancient customs already.

    Some regimes tried to deal with this phenomenon in the Weimar Republic
    by the repression: steriliation and euthanasia of the mentally ill, or otherwise
    disabled individuals. However, there is no proof that the average German
    is nowadays healthier on that account. In particular, there is no statistical proof that mental illness decreased in incidence.

    The cause here is deeper, spiritual.

    As Man is created to rule over the creation on Earth (Genesis 1:26),
    the Devil attacks men as they are the intercessor for the power of
    God to show on Earth. Satan wants to eradicate this completely,
    but he will not succeed because the tribulation will be stopped
    sooner for the sake of the righteous and the elect believers.

    But the population that accepts Mark of the Beast 666 have
    denied God for good and have no forgiveness. Angels will not
    come loving to them, but with bowls of God's Wrath (Revelation 16:1).

    It is unclear how far will the grace of God extend, or no flesh would
    survive, but God promised to save everyone who calls on
    the Name of the LORD shall be saved:

    Joel 2:32 (compare Romans 10:13):
    And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on
    the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion
    and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said,
    and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

    What does it mean to call on the Name of the LORD? Does it mean to learn
    the Holy Bible by heart?

    No, it is sufficient to deny Satan the Devil and accept the Lord Jesus
    as Saviour, like in this prayer:

    Dear God Creator,
    I deny Satan and his power of death and sin.
    I call you to be my LORD and Saviour.
    I regret my sins and mistakes, and I would want to make
    Lord Jesus to be my Saviour and Teacher and Master.
    in Jesus name

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    As this meditation is finished with a prayer for salvation, it was surely not
    a call for something resembling "the final solution on incest".

    While there are scientific evidences that this is a serious malady and sin:

    "A group of 161 children from incestuous matings has been examined and
    compared with 95 of their half-sibs. The parental age distribution showed considerable differences between the groups, and the period of observation
    was longer in children of incestuous origin The educational level of the parents
    was below average; 20 of the 141 mothers were mentally retarded. Information about the fathers was less complete in both groups, but 8 of 138 fathers in the consanguineous group were known to be mentally subnormal. Prenatal,
    neonatal and infant mortality was higher among children from incestuous
    unions, and mental retardation as well as congenital malformations, single
    and multiple, were far more frequent among these children than among
    their half-sibs who were offspring of unrelated parents."

    This is an abstract from a medical scientific paper.

    However, this doesn't mean that such children should be prevented from birth
    by abortion, that is killing the unborn child, or killing the already born ones.
    Such as children of rape, they can have worthwhile lives, and under the holiness
    of life principle their lives are worthwhile and precious.

    Moreover, they have not yet done good nor evil as being conceived, and the
    sin is of their parents, just as some children conceived by rape achieved remarkable
    achievements for mankind.

    This example shows even some saints, and a Pope of Rome, have been conceived
    in incest: https://www.toptenz.net/10-notable-people-who-were-the-product-of-incest.php

    "Also known as either Gregory I or Gregory the Great, he was Pope of the Catholic Church
    from 590 to 604. According to the 14th century document the Gesta Romanorum, he was
    conceived by two of the children of Emperor Marcus around 540 AD, and was abandoned
    by his naturally ashamed parents near the sea. He was found by fishermen and delivered
    to the local monastery. It was after he grew up that he found tablets that informed him
    about the truth about his origins.

    Gregory’s legend might seem like it was some sort of slander, or maybe anti-church
    propaganda. But in the story, as soon as he learned about it, he traveled to the Holy Land
    as an attempt to cleanse the sin of his disgraceful origins, including living in poverty on
    a coastal rock for 17 years. It would be his extreme piety that would lead to his assent
    to the role of pope. Fittingly, he was able to provide absolution to his mother. "

    This is the Pope prior to the Great Church Schism. This only proves that God's ways are
    unsearchable, and while there are bad apples here, God was always willing to spare Sodom
    for the sake of ten righteous men.

    the little bear

    in the LORD

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