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    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 8 13:00:58 2023

    If you only thought that the "point of sale" to avoid immense pain comes only at the end of the life where you were not the majority nation and ruling mainstream
    religion - think again.

    I witnessed a situation where several strong bulldogs and two nurses were invited
    to overpower - not an armed criminal, but a pregnant woman in the last stage of pregnancy, maybe in 8th month.

    The technicians and nurses couldn't hid the gloating over success - that the child
    in the womb surrendered and sold to them!

    The witness tried to report the incident to the police, after which all smartphones
    from all patients were taken routinely away from them later on - and no remedy came from the police or the authorities.

    Basically, the system of mental healthcare works like an informational black hole:
    those outside do not get the information of what is going on inside, or the information
    is so distorted that they discard it or do not believe it - or willfully choose to side
    with the established authority.

    in the LORD

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  • From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 8 12:27:29 2023
    We have all heard how mind programming was used in totalitarian regimes
    in programs like MK-Ultra, with systems like psychiatry being used to
    support their authoritarian rule, whether in communism or in the so-called "democracy" (Greek: rule of the people, for the people and by the people).

    Many people asked: if satanic mind programming is so bad and evil, why
    don't some angel or archangel execute counter-measures, like "white programming" that would cancel out the satanic?

    The answer is: they simply don't. Free will of man is kind of sacred for angels,
    and they work to enhance our decision-making, rather than producing "core
    wars" in our minds.

    There are some examples of lesser moral standards, like those used in psychiatry: patients are being "made believe" that they are mentally ill, and offered that the magic pill is the only way to recovery.

    This affects both sides in the game: the psychiatrists that were unknowingly tested insisted on their diagnoses of otherwise healthy individuals despite all the evidence, accepting only the perception that confirmed their diagnose in a sort of Catch 22 scenario: the more a patient want to prove that he or she
    is sane, the greater the diagnosed insanity.

    The fake patients would eventually be force-medicated and given diagnoses of incooperative patients lacking the insight, unless the external monitoring
    body reacted and pulled them out.

    (But none of the psychiatrists lost their licenses and they continued using the same diagnostic criteria to the present day.)

    It is possible that through gaslighting patients and making them doubt their sanity the mental illness is not treated, but actually produced through mind programming that resembles that of satanuc ritual abuse cults and MK-Ultra experiments.

    This mental illness is then made permanents through the use of mind drugs called "anti-psychotics, which create "normal behaviour", but anormal puppet behaviour.

    When the patient discontinues medication, the doors of control are activated and the "normality programming" is replaced by "illness relapse programming", added to the normal unwinding of stress that is unable under the mind drugs
    and compensated through coping mechanisms like smoking three to four
    packs of tobacco or overeating.

    This is something God or angel never does: the new birth is accepted (or rejected) at man's (or woman's) core spirit, and cleansing of the reasons for mental illness starts from inside out. And depends on the individual's free will
    each step of the way: otherwise it is human power, or worse - a religious spirit
    of Satan, which cannot be told STOP or ENOUGH or LATER.

    However omnipotent God is, He might make an earthquake or a hurricane, but
    He will not break a single free will at any time: He will use a messenger or a deliverer instead.

    God knows that He cannot program faith in man or woman, moreover, such
    faith would be (or already was) doable by programmers or skilled manipulators and thereof not "more precious than corruptible silver and gold.

    Such is also the psychiatroc "recovery", which works as long as you take the "totem" (magic pill) but if you commit the tabu (discontinuing medication or disobeying psychiatrist), you are made worse than if you were never medicated (by the "rebound" effect and the "iatrogenic" symptoms, those caused by the medical therapy itself).

    The greatest indicator in Western psychiatry is their frown over patient's sexuality and reproductive capability: the psychiatric hospitals in before mentioned State A with the political system X (unrecognised) would allow
    for sexual services by their female patients, but not for pregnancies:
    those were immediately served by abortion on demand of their
    psychiatrist (as it would be unimaginable that a patient on female ward
    becomes pregnant).

    One cannot avoid noticing the mark of eugenics here: the "degenerate
    offspring" is being got rid of one way or the other (with the silent
    approval of the local Catholic priest).

    The same happened with the geriatric patients who were forced
    to sell to the staff and nurses at their deathbeds for the sole reason
    to avoid torture: betrayed by their inheritance-seeking family,
    but only the elect of the Catholics if even they were given last rites.

    in the LORD

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