• Thought Censorship 2

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 29 21:06:02 2023
    So, the measured effect of time splitting is that the women talk your
    thoughts over the smartphone approximately seven seconds before you
    think them. The effect is the thought interference, but it also signifies
    that the adulterous and aborting women though very young are placed
    in spirit above us as thought guardians.

    Though government of the State A with the political system X just
    embezzled over a billion euros of the EU earthquake relief, and speeding drivers kill and murder teens virtually on daily basis, they are praised or given minor sentences, while scrutiny is applied to those who practice
    sex for more than reproduction, status, influence, and material gain.

    The proposed mobile-eID system with the secret digital certificate to
    sign contracts such as real-estate transfers is easily hackable and observed
    in memory of the smartphone by any rogue application with access to the
    kernel memory (such as Pegasus), government insists on monetary and legal transaction over mobile eID specifically without any paper trace.

    The rest of the fraudulent possibilities cannot be covered in one article,
    but they are long.

    Common citizens, from the young to the elderly, are amazed at the possibility of inheritance and real-estate fraud and invariably accept the new legal digital signature system.

    When they come and if it is a large enough sum of interest, the government agents have demonstrated the possibility to crack the digitally signed
    and timestamped document within seconds. But the default setup doesn't
    even include a timestamp.

    This was immediately spotted by the social services who put a mortgage
    on the poverty-stricken population's only real-estate in order to give them
    tax payer provided relief for food and bills. (But the social services are
    the statutory owners of the mortgage.)

    The eID system is severely EU-backed and it is politically unwise to speak against it as it is enforced by the State police, secret police, and informers. One cannot register a newborn child without it, and also the medical records are centralised on the level of the State, including personal psychiatric examinations and gynecological records of the females.

    The latter had already leaked into an informal "registry of whores" with
    the "punishment of whores" practice and shaming of the promiscuous
    executed by both the Church and the State "angels".

    As the State and security are being enforced by an all-seeing Eye,
    privacy is non-existing. But this is not sufficient, so additional LIDAR recordings are being performed by the secret services which run almost
    any job at the earthquake restoration, and after which sexual advances
    of the "Mee Too" type of females have become more efficient and
    penetrating, but the promiscuous females have also demonstrated
    the control and influence over the State and Church agents.

    Female elderhood includes women with promiscuous past who
    have "become honest", adulterous and child murdering and aborting women,
    who are set over the men and in the system of justice. This position
    allows them to increase gain on the sexual behaviour of the population,
    which they "charge for".

    That about covers it.

    The majority of the population still has a communist mindset despite being
    30 years in "democracy", with the impression that the communists of the
    1980s and their methods haven't aged a day.

    in the Lord

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