• HUFA Egalitatianism - Formerly Nazism (1/2)

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    HUFA Egalitatianism - Formerly Nazism
    "Those who trespass loose"(ibid. "War and Peace", Tolstoy).

    More civilizations have collapsed due to the Jewish divestment than by
    through any other form of allurement. The Jew is the literal or
    constant source of ruin of whichever organizational structure. Notice
    the following smurf talents:

    1)Oriental - Sexuality
    2)Indian - Technology
    3)Arabian - Spirituality
    4)Russian - Library
    5)European - Homeopathy
    6)British - Grocery
    7)African - Realty
    8)Hispanic - Fiduciary?
    9)Australian - Hospitality?
    10)"Native"(Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi) - Security?
    11)Jewish - Pedagogy

    While the above mentioned industrys are able to endure the test of time
    and surpass all understanding, thier level of wealth pales in comparison
    to that of the weapon systems of the Evil Empire of the JUBU. The JUBU
    empire or to say Judeo-Buddhist regime eminating from the Jewish
    homelands of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad,
    Indoneasia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY, USA) and their weapons
    systems involving the corporations of Transcendentalism, Allopathy,
    Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance may have around 80% of
    the worlds' GDP or money hostaged.

    Through the use of control substances as psychotropics, narcotics,
    liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids in the minimum the JUBU are able to
    bind serious mind altering chemicals to the brain, heart, stomach,
    lungs, intestine, and eros to engender the enslavement of the masses.
    At present under the guise of Transcendentalism as an economic system,
    Zionism as a spiritual system, and Republicanism as a political system
    we see a world gone mad or to say mutually assured destructive in
    defense of their Jewish zerosum game ways of life.

    So many are into the world of money, name, and fame life; which is good. However, their very desire or thirst for the success is heavily thwarted
    and made villified by the Jeiwsh blights wanton disregard and disrepect
    toward the very things we endear. Take for example the simple act of
    reading a book. In a world where secular education and evangelical
    truths are becoming more and more valorized and inundated, the reading
    of the written word as the most allured form of means toward financial
    success is heavily challenged. As such, the number of death traps to
    garner a state of mindlessness are so many.

    From control chemicals of the religious war to the religious
    conartistrys of the Americons there exists the forced consumerism of the
    very unfit for human consumption products that result in the most waste
    of a life scenarios that engender a degenration of the very organs of
    our body that aid and abhet the sentient mind. That is the issue.
    Hence, the multi-level massacre so touted as the social order by
    whichever lackey of the Dying Arts. It is like that among them and
    thier penchant for the good life without a proper meditation of the
    heart or a sense of serious absolutes.

    Here, in this lap of luxury of the America so many are familiar with the
    Bible, Quran, Tanakh, Synekdemos, Apocrypha, Occult, and whichever have
    you but rather choose the ways of the Satanic Dharma. They claim, "what
    is the use?" The level of practice of the meaningless mantras, zazens,
    and koans are all over the place. It is a mass occult following whether
    they like it or not. Hence, the forced consumerism and practices that
    are self destructive that has lead to the collapse of whichever
    corporations, country, civilization, church, community, collusion, kith,
    and kin. It is like that among them as they are made enamoured with a
    way of life that is not of their nature or nurture and made to believe
    it to be their ancestoral tradition. The number of people who secretly
    covet some Jewish slave word is all over the place. There is not a
    people who do not know of their slave identity that is criminally
    imprinted into thier mind at some point in thier life by whichever foot
    soldier of the Dying Arts.

    Let me explain the 3 sabotages that the Jews have implemented, at least
    in regard to the financial matricee I am in. They are as follows:

    1)Financial - Disparity between rich and poor
    2)Spiritual - Institutionalization of the enlightened
    3)Political - Lack of sovereignty and hegemony

    However, there are other brags the Jewish blight do to discourage the
    success of sentient life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property,
    faith, and propriety that are onn par with that of the disparity between
    rich and poor; institutionalization of the enlightened; as well as
    sovereignty and hegemony issues. So many are into the Jewish divestment
    from ages hence and as a result have incurred serious losses. Take for
    example the longest running Jew baiters the world over, who are namely
    the Gypsys, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics, British, and Natives of
    Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas. The following has been their
    plight due to their historic divestment into the Jewish trespass.

    Gypsys - Holocausted
    Africans - Balkanized
    Orientals -Massacred
    Hispanics - Decimated
    British - Inquisitioned
    Natives - Genocided

    Indians - Bastardized
    Christians - Bastardised
    Muslims - Bastardised
    Women - Bastardized
    Europeans - Bastardized
    Nazis - Bastardized

    As a result, quite a number have already given up thier name and fame.
    Just within a few years of arrival into the lap of luxury of America
    they went on their merry way into yet another failed Jewish divestment.
    Thus their name was usurped by the Jewish marauders of history. Then,
    in more recent times they have lost notoriety and fame, through
    whichever form of denunciation due to the terrorist strikes, which were
    largely their own Jewish occult corporations suicide rituals. So in the
    quest for money, name, and fame they have lost on two accounts. So, the
    trend will be that they will loose the money as well. Much like that of
    their nigger Adi Shankaracharya who went against the wisdom of the Ages
    and lead his people into a world of a niggardly existence wandering like destitutes claiming to have done yoemen service for the nothing
    elaborated as the no one thing which is everything; the Satanic Dharma
    itself. The nothing or to say self destruction, which colloquially is
    known as suicide, is much touted in pop culture as the "one poison
    conditioned to rule and control, the media sells it and 'you' to lead
    the role(ibid. Ozzy Osborne)."

    I tell ya, for me growing up in America with the model minority bullshit
    here and there, which my dear family did not share in, and then going to
    the Indian subcontinent to see so many of my people seriously abject,
    really affected me more than anything. That was the issue. It was
    something like the movie Matrix starring Keanu Reeves. The whole thing
    was a torture and torment more than you or I can possibly dream.

    Those who attack me get attacked. Those who dishonor my money get
    destroyed. Those who disrespect my ancestory get put to death. That
    has bee the legacy of the meditation of the heart I share with you in
    this 'Hufa Egalitarianism - Formerly Nazism' post. The clues I mention
    are the very things which have aided and abhetted my survival with
    sufficiency. Thanks God for Christ Jesus is the Yah. Hiel Hitler!

    In anycase, the following are some of the remedys I am working on to be
    able to better retaliate against the Jewish blight and thier world of
    the Jewery. They are as follows:

    'Evangelical Deprogram Savoire' using the GURU like pragma -
    countermeasure to the institutionalization of the enlightened --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The Guru pragma is a good means of escape from the world of institutionalization of the enlightened. The whole shit culture of the
    pill is no more a part of my life through the utterance of words that
    have the power to liberate an individual from the vice grip of the jail, institution, and death corporations of the Jewish fallacys the world
    over. Calling upon the Sword of Islam, Body of Christ, Shield of David,
    Greek Fire, Iron Maiden, Verging Wall, and possibly Polish Math, lol,
    and so on we can seriously defeat the criminal possesion by the evil
    ones of the Priests, Politicians, Professionals, Police, Professors, and Philosophers.

    I tell ya, while the Buddhajin may talk of enlgithenment, the ways of
    Christ Jesus that involve nothing more than addressing a prayer to the
    keywords Christ Jesus through a low audible voice beyond the bathroom
    and the study of the Holy Bible indeed offers the truest enlightenment
    so many have sought out for from ages hence. Indeed, the Guru Christ
    Jesus offers the truth, the way, and the life they speak of. The
    reading of the Bible is more of an excercise of successes than anything.
    Time and time again the promises made in the Bible have come true. Take
    for example, the following passage:

    Joshua 1:8(Good News Translation) -
    "Be sure that the book of the Law is always read in your worship. Study
    it day and night, and make sure that you obey everything written in it.
    Then you will be prosperous and successful."

    This has been proven to me to be true so far. I cannot say it was hunky
    dory or anything but the reality is that it just works. That is the
    shear beauty of the Arabian Abrahamic faiths. The Arabian people really
    know what they are doing when it concerns the meditation of the heart
    and emotional guidance one needs to be able to survive in a world so
    filled with serious dangers left and right.

    They say, Christ Jesus is a being beyond the universe who is looking at
    the very thing He has fabricated in each and every detail. Just as we
    may look at a television or something and press some remote to be able
    to communicate to it, Christ Jesus seems to be something like that.
    Through the resounding form of locution known as prayer Christ Jesus is
    able to hear our call and provide for us. "Ask and you shall recieve"
    is a truism I just cannot deny. In due speed the whichever prayer to
    Christ Jesus will be honored. I guess that was the luck of my life to
    have met a nice Pastor who elucidated to me the wonders of prayer.

    It was my initial prayer to Dewanadu that lead me to finally meet my
    dear mom, whom I longed to see, in America. My heart was appeased to
    meet her in America and find that she is well and happy. However, the
    forces of the Sataniism through the worship of Gandhijin, Buddhajin, and Kudhajin did their level best to murder her for no wrong done by her.
    That is the way of the Religious war of the Jewish blight, who comprise
    of the upper caste Yiddish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole,
    Hapa, Hoon, and Roma ancestorys who maybe Gypsy by ethnicity, Negroid by
    race, Coptic by language family, and upper caste by affiliation.

    History is repelete with the evidence that more civilizations,
    corporations, countrys, communitys, churches, collusions, kith, and kin
    have collapsed due to the Jewish divestment than by through any other
    means of allurement. That is the issue the Jewish niggers of yore pose. Kindly, refrain from investing in the Jewish and their wanton disregard
    and disrespect toward any sentient life.

    You have to believe in flawless victory. Pray about it. Ask Jesus
    Christ to enter your heart. Say the following:

    O Christ Jesus,
    I hand over my life to you, please make me into a success.
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.
    Amina, Amina, Amina.

    BTW, I choose to encourage the keyword Amina because it does not sound
    or seem to encourage that stupid bullshit meditation on the Om or Aum of
    the nigger fucken stinken Jewish fruadists known as Gandhijin,
    Buddhajin, and Kudhajin. Practice makes perfect. They say in my
    industry "it takes 10,000 hours to be and expert." The more you divorce
    the ways of the nigger Jews and thier ways of self dustruction the more victorys arrive your way. I just cannot say it any other way.

    Again, somethings work. Simply throw away your idols of whichever
    Ganesh, Buddha, and Saibaba and such. They are more bad luck than
    anything. My life was okay until that stinken Jewish bitch Saimamba Veeramachaneni bought me the Ganesh idol in the Hindu Temple of Satanism
    in Queens, NY. Trying to get the rid of the Satanic possession of the
    Hindus was the challenge of my life for nearly 25 years. You are the
    people you mix with. So beware.

    As well, I find the following are good people to invest into. They are Indians(Deshis), Christians, Muslims, Women, Europeans, and Nazis. I
    notice the following symbols incur the following curses upon anyones'
    life, liberty, purusuit of happiness, property, faith, and propriety.

    Pentagram star - death by war
    Hexagram star - death by institutionalization
    Heptagram star - death by microaggression

    Notice all those who have been warred against throughout history mark
    the very symbols of the Satanism. The flags of ROME, USSR, IRAQ, and
    the up an coming PROC are like that in thier progrom of anti-Indian, anti-Christ, anti-Muslim, anti-European, anti-Women, and anti-Holocaust endeavors. In this world things are not as they seem. Image is not everything. Whichever the Jewish blight are against end up being the
    very things which help sentient life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
    property, faith, and propriety succeed. From beef, pork, egg, cola,
    cake, sugar, and whatever else; the Jewish are notorious to ban from
    consuming; so we see a world economic system hell bent on hostaging the
    world money supply; through forced consumerism of the very unfit for
    human consumption products; that the Jewish make money off of to poison
    people for the sake of blood money manufacturing across this earth
    planet. That is the danger.

    'Cybermatrix' using the FIAT like pragma - countermeasure to deal with
    the disparity between rich and poor ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Money is what makes the world of survival with sufficiency result true
    or effective. When men and women get together moneys get in the way.
    There is literally never enough money to enjoy the very gifts blessed to
    us by the Almighty Christ Jesus. However, the endeavor toward a more synergistic or mutual success in financial terms has been the beckoning
    call of whichever relationship out there. My dad used to convince my
    dying mom that "we have to go 50/50 financially." He so wanted an
    Ameircan dream house and was willing to do anything for it. As a former
    proud Gandhian with a Buddhist name and some nigger Shiva mantra of the Kudhajin; he was obsessed with money, name, and fame while fetishizing
    the Jewish slave indentiy of Kama.

    It seems Kama is really a short hand Jewish Coptic language word for
    nigger. In some parts of India the Chamaar or Chamaa or Kama are in
    reality the Tamils of the Jewish collusion of Gypsys, Africans,
    Orientals, Hispanics, British, and Natives of Tamil, Taino, Terron, and
    Tiwi diasporas. Indeed, the Kama Sutra can also be considered as Nigger
    Sutra that may have been written by some Tamil conspirator of the Jewish
    blight that entered the Indian subcontinent to further their ruinous
    ways. From Chamaar to Chama to Kama the Jews have been able to promote
    and ignorance which is not bliss that has literally engendered the
    Jewish niggardly filthy ways of life as in communal war, domestic
    violence, and religious war; which our homeland of Aryavarta is vexed

    In my gerneration of Gen-X the keyword 'Asian' is much touted in the
    slave order of the Americon system of Jewish fascist reign of Extremism.
    Does 'Asian' aslo mean nigger in some Jewish coptic language that is in reference to the British characters of the JUBU extremists, comprising
    of the Rashyasas or Demon Race of Gyspsys, Africans, Orientals,
    Hisapnics, British, and Natives of Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi
    diasporas? That maybe. By each and every means the JUBU extremists do
    their level best to further the new face with the same measure of
    hostaging into the slave systemic nightmares they refer to as a way of
    life. That is what they are like. That too as post modern beautys of whichever Jewish blight.

    As a result, the Transcendentalism as an economic system, Zionism as a spiritual system, and Republicanism as a political system has lead the
    whole of humanity in a whirlpool of ruin. Hence the term Americonartist
    for the Gypsy, African, Oreintal, Hispanic, Bristish, and Natives of the
    Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi disaporas. In a way the Americon is
    quite advanced in forcing the consumerism of the very unfit for human consumption products out there such as the psychotropics, narcotics,
    liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids that have lead to more maladys than anything the world over. It seems they call it blood money

    It seems blood money manufacturing is the result when the human body is subjected to the poisoning by the control chemicals of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids which degenerate major
    organs that aid and abhet the interplay of our consciousness. When the
    body dies off or is operated on at the right time, there remains in the
    body alloys of near perfect geometry, such as pyramids, spheres, cubes, hedrons, tubes, and globulins. Remember that Tamil nigger Krishna
    Ambati who did some research on the way a globulin falls from the sky.
    It maybe that he is in fact torturing somebodys' remains from creamtion
    grounds to encourage the force consumerism of the psychotropics, liquor,
    soya, tobacco, steroids, and narcotics. That Krishna Ambati apparently
    got a medical diploma at the age of 16 or something. Did Krishna Ambati
    really buy some multi-level marketing certificate of some kind from such organizations as Amway, Herbalife, or Citigroup to make his fake diploma
    seem legit? Krishna Ambati loves to chant the Satanic Vishnusaharama
    Strotram like some nigger of Judea nearly every week. Krishna Ambati is
    a proud \Jew baiter of the Tamil league of the Rakshyasas or Demon Race
    that has plagued humanity from time immemorial. Their ways of life
    engendering the worship of the Satan or Satanam through the poisoning of
    the massses criminally, recreationally, or even institutionally is a
    world phenomenon that has lead his nigger kind into genocide.

    Notice the following mafias of the Tami, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi sons of bitches of the Jewish divestment.

    Tamil - LTTE of Tamilnadu, Aryavarta
    Terron - La Cosa Nostra of Transylvania, Africa
    Taino - Latin Kings of Tawantinsuyo, America
    Tiwi - L'onarata Societa of Transylvania, Australia

    I was able to put in a request to have Prabhakaran and John Gotti
    killed. Apparently, Prabhakaran was shot dead at the heart with a
    bullet. With John Gotti I encouraged to have killed with the worst
    known biological weapon of Arabia, namely the fermented bettlenut. Now, remains the ring leaders of the Latin Kings and the L'onarata Societa.
    Like the bastard before me, I don't need anybody. Simply through the recitation of the Gayatri mantra I was able to pull of the kills.
    However, the Gayatri mantra was too chaotic an experience. To do a
    chanting with meaning is more interesting. That too with flawless
    victory. That is why I chant the Shahada, Shema, Salvation, Symbol of
    Faith, Sinners, Serenity, Signum Crucis, Sanctus prayers and testimonys.

    I have found those who evidence the dupistry of size matters, image is everything, and surprise attack are easily defeated with just one hard
    blow. When I was in jail I noticed one of the 6 poisonators, namely
    sone Taino corrections officer, to have claimed to have been struck by
    some apple to his right ear and then ended up deaf in that ear. I too
    was struck by an apple at the right ear but did not become deaf. So it
    seems, all that pretension of power and prestige can be disabled with
    just one strike. Hence, the 6 poisonators of priests, politicians, professionals, police, professors, and philosophers that largely
    comprise of Gypsys, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics, British, and Natives
    of Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi dasporas being known as the "Great Pretenders".

    But alas, we are financial beings as well. The following are the
    various isms that seem to be apt for the respective organizational

    Secularism - School
    Capitalism - Brothel
    Evangelicalism - Church
    Existentialism - Bank? or some apporiately called financial institution Socialism - Library
    Republicanism - Court, where the judge presides
    Transcendentalism - Park
    Zionism - Jail

    Financially, what can one do in a world vexed with disparity between
    rich and poor? I find this open source is a nice means of liberalizing
    the nature of the good to overcome and defeat the bad. Somethings work.
    The following is a list of things which may be used for that of an

    1)FIAT pragma or model of relationship with the fiduciary industry 2)Existentialism as the paradigm for this of an organizational structure
    for the financial institution in question
    3)Cybermatrix as the network of financial databases of a give dimension
    in a network of a financial database of the nth dimension
    4)Pulse waveform to trasmit the data
    5)Television as the preferred portal or means of access to the Cybermatrix 6)HYF Satfi clearing house
    7)Synergy of a hypothetical Greek Phi ratio of 1.618
    8)Spreadsheet as the record
    9)Literal supply of moneys in juxtaposition to the scalar moneys of the Transcendentalist economic system and the fuzzy(something between two
    extremes) moneys of the entitlement programs as in welfare, disability benefits, spouces benefits, veterans benefits, lotto benefits, gambling benefits, daytrading benefits, and so on

    In a way, I have been able to identify the following smurf talents, as
    they say, so they say; which has proven to be the longest running
    relationships to endure the test of time and surpass all understanding.

    Oriental - Sexuality
    Indian - Technology
    Arabian - Spirituality
    Russian - Library
    European - Homeopathy
    British - Grocery
    African - Realty
    Hispanic - Fiduciary?
    Australian - Hospitality?
    Native(Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi) - Security?
    Jewish - Pedagogy

    I find there is a way to do it. Just as the academically successful
    tend to bribe schools to get their diploma, I tend to donate some moneys
    to the above mentioned social orders to call upon an entry into their respective industry. I find the going rate of my initial donation is
    around $300 dollars. Again, the beauty of the Christ Jesus to elucidate
    the wonders of this world is more than anything. Isn't it nice to have
    a means toward survival that can endure the test of time and surpass all understanding amidst all that Jewish niggardly banality? Yeah well, you

    HUFA Egalitarianism : formerly Nazism using the HUFA like pragma - countermeasures to the lack of sovereignty and hegemony --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    It seems the JUBU rely heavily on size matters, image is everything, and surprise attack. Yet, when they get struck with an apple to the ear,
    they go deaf at the ear that gets struck. They are an interesting lot
    in that way. The HUFA pragma may assist toward our plight for political sovereignty and hegemony. The HUFA in laymens terms maybe elaborated as follows:

    H - Hot water urn
    U - Unix technologys
    F - Fully or well and balanced juxtapositions
    A - Ayn Rand postulates of the self involving the "I am" or soham as they

    As well, I have found the following to assist as well.

    2)Abrahamic sling
    3)Malatov cocktail
    4)Cigarette lighter
    5)Swiss Army knife
    6)Gayatri Mantra
    7)The power of love
    8)Swastika hieroglyph
    9)Shahada chanting calling upon the Sword of Islam("Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa; ashaadu anna mohammadan rasulu Allah")
    10)Conventional AM/FM radio playing music like Classical, Bhagra, Rap,
    Country, Christian, ...
    The following were observed with each playing of the radio music -
    1.Classical - L.A. riots
    2.Bhangra - World Trade Center destruction
    3.Rap - Louisiana floodings
    4.Country - IRAQ devestation
    5.Christian - Hispania contaminated by Corona virus
    6.Spanish - Carribean destroyed by teratons of explosive capacity??
    7.Rock N' Roll - Rule by Might involving the Allied Axis of
    Canton(Hongkong), Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, and Argentina??

    11)Cash moneys
    For some reason money has become the greatest equalizer more powerful
    than the hand gun. I have found there is a history that has amassed
    where those who dishonor my money get destroyed. The Y2K bug fix is a testament toward that.

    Each has been mentioned to retaliate against those who have wronged me.
    I find the Jewish nemesis is maintaining the same tried and true
    antagonisms but here's the deal, the Jewish antagonisms in the worship
    of the Satanism gets weaker over time, while my retaliation in defense
    of the ontology of the Guru Christ Jesus gets more and more hienous.
    The following are the nodes of attack that have been identified that
    indicate my use of the Abrahamic sling on the Jewish goliath of the
    World Trade Center.

    1)Attack by air - World Trade Center
    2)Attack by sea - Louisiana
    3)Attack by land - Iraq
    4)Attack by swamp - Hispania
    5)Attack by space - The Antillas, Caribbean?
    6)Attack by information - Rule by might : Hongkong, Pakistan, Germany,
    Morocco, Argentina?

    Those were the stomping grounds of the Jewish Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Jack of All Trades, and Emperors of the nothing or to say
    the no one thing which is the everything. That was just the retaliation
    in the deduction. Now the retaliation is going to the induction. The following are of the killfile. Again, there is no that of a thing as a
    hundred percent. There is some good out there.

    JUBU(judeo-buddists) Extremists(Group of 10): ---------------------------------------------
    1)Israel - empire of the yiddish
    2)Taiwan - empire of the zen
    3)Haiti - empire of the vudu
    4)Hawaii - empire of the hindu
    5)Sicily - empire of the lgbtq
    6)Trinidad - empire of the trini
    7)Indonesia - empire of the creole
    8)Phillipines - empire of the hapa
    9)Tibet - empire of the hoon
    10)Brooklyn - empire of the roma
    The Group of 10 JUBU extremists are best mentioned in the X-Files
    Niggervision series starring David Duchovny. The "X-Files" is also the
    name of a log book that is used in the institutional system of whichever
    mental health treatment to force inject the control substances of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids into the
    organs of their victims. There are other scenarios where the control substances are serious genetically altering chemicals of military grade weaponrys. The list of tortures and torments are more than anything.
    That is the way of the JUBU extremists and their wanton disregard and disrespect toward whichever sentient life, liberty, pursuit of
    happiness, property, faith, and propriety. The so called "nothing
    beyond death and taxes folks" of whichever priest, politician,
    professional, police, professor, and philosopher licensced and working
    as malpractitioners of the Jewish religious war.

    Niggers of:
    1)negroid race
    2)gypsy etnicity
    3)jewish diaspora
    4)coptic language family
    5)upper caste affiliations

    Harbingers of:

    Corporations of:

    Swamis of:
    3)kuddhajin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The postulates of the self that have helped me to some degree are as
    0.Metaphorically, I am a Satyarguido.?
    1.Ethnically, I am a Deshino.*
    2.Racially, I am a Xanthocroi.
    3.Linguistically, I am a Staniarynicua.*
    4.Politically, I am a Kalistani.
    5.Spiritually, I am a Muslimaoist.
    6.Dietarily, I am an Incognegro.*
    7.Financially, I am a Feminazi.*
    8.Functionally, I am a Guyanese.
    9.Criminally, I am an Amerindian || Americanative || Mesoamericon? 10.Culturally, I am a Californianative?
    11.Intellectually, I am a Hindustani.*
    12.Professionally, I am a Francophonedic.
    13.Methodically, I am a Paisaneanderthal.
    14.Sexually, I am a Multicannibal.
    15.Communally, I am Bangladeshi.?
    16.Eruditely, I am a Vegetarianiga.
    17.Scholarly, I am a Dravidianese.*
    18.Artistically, I am a Polynesian.
    19.Avocationally, I am a Pronative.
    20.Militarily, I am a Nondoctor.
    21.Ancestrally, I am a Qutbrown.
    22.Physically, I am a Polakike.
    23.Instinctively, I am an African.*
    24.Pragmatically, I am a Synhalese.
    25.Competitively, I am a Rajuksingumby(Bangladeshi Raj, Cantonese Juksing, Hispanic Gumby).
    26.Ontologically, I am a Wealthyankee.?
    27.Martially, I am an Antipolice.
    28.Occupationally, I am a Sysadmin.
    29.Calisthenically, I am an Iranian.
    30.Punctually, I am an Amerindian.
    31.Existentially, I am a Eurotrash.?
    32.Vocationally, I am an Assistant.
    33.Institutionally, I am a Parascudder.
    34.Diplomatically, I am a Spanisherb.
    35.Ambidextrously, I am a Hankurean.???
    36.Philosophically, I am a Bicolored.
    37.Morphologically, I am a Kashmirese.?
    38.Vocally, I am a Paisablackey.
    39.Ironically, I am a Teluguishomey.
    40.Truthfully, I am a Zionisturd.*
    41.Mnemonically, I am an Indochini.
    42.Sensually, I am a Brooklynite.*
    43.Antithetically, I am a Pakistani.
    44.Aesthetically, I am an Australatino.
    45.Photogenically, I am an Mechicanother.?
    46.Comedically, I am a Gujuwendel.
    47.Recreationally, I am a Chinisoldier.
    48.Internationally, I am a Foreigneren.

    Again, some of those postulates work. They are still a work in
    progress. To use those postulates you have to try the prayers,
    chantings, and meditations mentioned in the 'Evangelical Deprogram
    Savoire' postings on USENET Newsgroups such as groups.google.com or
    Giganews. Man needs a proper meditation of the heart. Indeed, there is
    some good out there. Simply do not be naive. Beware of the sucker
    punch. The JUBU extremists are the masters of the surprise attack.
    Alot of what they do is a facade or a fake outer appearance to the
    Satanic intentions they have. That is why they are referred to as the following slurs, not only by themselves but also others:

    1)British - Gwailo
    2)Gypsy - Nigger
    3)African - Kaffir
    4)Hispanic - Guido
    5)Oriental - Scudder(diuretic piece of shit)
    6)Native(Tamil, Taino, Terron, Tiwi) - Khalu(drunkard)

    1)Indian - Bastard
    2)Christian - Bastard
    3)Muslim - Bastard
    4)Women - Bastard
    5)European - Bastard
    6)Nazi - Bastard

    Anyway guys, I will try to post more about this over time. The
    political unity is the most challenging. The above are just some clues
    I have gathered in my nearly 45 years of travel through this earth
    planet, largely here in New York City, which is to me and most I have encountered is a veritable Jewish death camp. So watch out! Travel
    carefully. The culture of manmachining is all over the place. There
    are many who retire in some nursing home and are sent off to be some
    sideshow freak by being turned into some Frankenstien like artificial
    robot or cyborg. Who are those people who deliver regularly? Some I
    have seen have a electronic device attached to the scalp of thier head.
    The ones I have seen are African looking. Then there are British like
    men who arrive out of walls as security personnel. It goes on like this
    in this world of JUBU extremism gone mad or to say mutually assured destructive. That is the thing. So what are we going to do about it,
    hugh? As Mao Tzetung said "To fight the [religious war of the Jewish
    blight] you have to take up [the Holocaust of the Jews]". What else are
    you going to do? We only have one life to live. Better to mass murder
    than become some victim of the systemic nightmare of the nigger Jews the
    whole fucken world over. There is not a people, place, thing, idea,
    animal, or inventory that does not evidence the vice grip of the Jewish

    [continued in next message]

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