• Daughter of The North

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    Daniel 11.17
    His intention will be to come with the strength of his entire kingdom, and he will form alliances. He will give the king of the south a daughter in marriage in
    order to destroy the kingdom, but it will not turn out to his advantage.

    * * *

    No matter how sinful we are and how fallen, the Enemy knows he hasn't
    succeeded unless we stop praying and deny God and Christ.

    His favourite weapon from old were ungodly women - ever since there
    was a Covenant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Enemy tried to use
    unbelieving daughters to corrupt the men of God. The Devil first succeeded
    with Esau, who had married Hittite daughters and lost his birthright and blessing as a consequence.

    Indeed, in the New Covenant of Messiah Christ, we are under the grace of
    God, and while we can still pray, daughters of this world are not pleased,
    even if we are addicted to substances and carnal sin.

    Their final goal is that we stop praying, deny Christ and enter full corruption of materialism, so they could - like Jezebel used Ahab - use the believers
    for their plans of witchcraft and harlotry.

    The Hittite daughters were pretty and handsome, but without virtue and
    with very gossipy nature and character. This made Rebekah, Jacob's
    and Esau's mother, say that her life is forfeit if Jacob marries one of the Canaanite daughters.

    Even if looking fair and innocent, they were daughters of the "devourers of human intestines", as it is written:

    Wisdom 12:4-6
    4 because they committed terrible crimes
    in witchcraft and ungodly rites;
    5 cruel killers of children,
    devourers of entrails at feasts of human flesh,
    devotees from bloody pyre,
    6 parents of killers of helpless beings
    you decided to destroy the hands of our fathers

    Unless they deny Satan and sincerely accept Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, amending their ways, you should follow the advice of apostle Paul "not
    to yoke with the unbelievers", no matter how pretty they look, for you will become partakers in cruel murders of unborn children and other ungodly
    and corrupt acts.

    What is common between Christ and Belial, even if a believer sinned
    "seventy times seven times" and unbeliever pretended to be an angel
    of light (2 Corinthians 6.15)?

    I am telling you this, beloved, not because I hated you, but because of
    your precious faith that could wither like king Solomon's when he married unbelieving or idolatrous wives and daughters of foreign gods.

    Especially in the latter days, the King of the North (image of Antichrist) offering his daughters to the children of the "kingdom of South" will
    try to pass sexual freedoms, reproductive rights and gender ideology with
    his daughters into the holy church and the congregation of the believing
    ones, the servants of the Most High God Creator of the Universe!

    in the LORD God Merciful, Almighty

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