• Re: Are women stupid or are they smart?

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    On Monday, May 1, 2023 at 10:08:03 PM UTC-5, Ilya Shambat wrote:
    There are many men who think that women are stupid. Yet in the same breath as they accuse them of stupidity, they accuse them of having a kind of devilish intelligence – a craftiness that manipulates and preys on men.

    So are women stupid or are they smart? You have to make up your mind here. If women are stupid, then they can’t be crafty; and if they can be crafty then they aren’t stupid.

    So we see men deciding that their partner is stupid and using that to heap abuse on her. When the woman starts using her brain and fighting the abuse, suddenly she is Satan. Suddenly she is cold, manipulative or sociopathic. Whether the woman uses her
    brain or whether she does not use her brain, she gets seen in a negative light. With some people you just can’t win.

    I’ve constantly been hearing such statements as that women do nothing but screw men over. There are any number of women who want nothing to do with men at all; but I doubt that such men would prefer their company. The men who believe that women are
    bad are a bunch of brats. They haven’t had to deal with truly bad women, such as any number involved in American feminism. Instead they have at their disposal women who are beautiful, kind and willing to be good to their men; and all they can think to
    do is use them as punching bags.

    Many times people don’t realize how good they have it. Men in many places in the world have it very good. They don’t have to deal with women who are bad for real. They fail to appreciate what they have. And if you don’t appreciate what you have,
    you deserve to lose it.

    Back to the original point, it appears that there are any number of forms of intelligence. Some are more natural to women and some are more natural to men. I make the case that there is merit in all these forms of intelligence. Similarly it takes
    different forms of intelligence to be an engineer or a salesman; but in both cases we see intelligence.

    If women really have such a devilish, crafty intelligence, then that is something that men need to learn how to work with and use in their favor. Once again, what we see here is a form of intelligence. And any form of intelligence can be used for right
    as easily as it can be used for wrong.

    It makes no sense to either deify or demonize any form of intelligence. Any form of intelligence can be used for both right and wrong. The forms of intelligence that are more natural to women should be understood and then properly utilized. And then
    what is seen as an evil becomes a tool of good, and the world and men in it benefit from its expression.

    I guess women shouldn't be allowed to make the decision to have an abortion or not without male permission? I suppose she does not have the right to make that decision herself.
    You know they do not, since that is the decision of the SCOTUS.
    The SCOTUS also believe that US has th right to declare heads of China and Russia as war criminals when it is convenient for the US Government war departments.
    ?Glory for US patriots!
    Glory for Ukraine!

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