• The Daily Purge: Losing Both Sons

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 22 00:46:55 2023
    Dear brother and sister,

    A couple of days ago I spoke about Eve losing both sons in the same day,
    as a consequence of choosing right and wrong for themselves.
    At certain point, it did not seem wrong to Cain to slay his brother Abel
    just because Abel's sacrifice to God Creator was accepted, and God didn't
    even look at the Cain's sacrifice (from grain).

    Abel chose his sacrifice from the best of his flock. We can guess that
    Cain probably had not.

    Why did Eve lose both sons in the same day?

    Abel was obviously dead, but there was also a change in Cain because
    of his act: he became spiritually dead because of his sin - even more than Adam, Eve and Abel. Cain started also to be afraid that anyone might
    kill him. He did not walk free through the land - now he needed protection
    and probably the body guards.

    But none of this helped. God marked Cain with a mark not to be killed
    in vengeance: it seems evident that the Creator wanted to give Cain
    all the time in the world to repent and regret his doing. However, how
    many sons and daughters Cain later had, they all perished in the Great
    Deluge because of the inherited evil, taking most of the good people
    with them.

    Only Noah and seven with animals were saved in the Ark, as you probably
    know. And they were not descendants of Cain, but of Shem, Adam's and
    Eve's third son.

    Killing a brother is a very bad offence in God's eyes. Even so the brotherly nation.

    Germans and French started Alliance for Coal and Steel less than twenty
    years after WW2. This is probably because most of the Wermacht generals
    had some nobility and chivalry and avoided unnecessary killing, murders
    and destruction of art and historical monuments in Paris and France. We
    know that they disobeyed direct F├╝hrer's order saying that it is no longer possible to destroy certain sites and artifacts - in fact, they saw no military value in destroying civilian infrastructure.

    What we do can and will have serious impact on our children, on our
    nation and on our offspring. The choices we made can lead to eventual destruction of the nation as a consequence not of our enemies, but of
    internal moral degradation and decline, just like with the descendants
    of Cain, and later the superpowers of the Old Testament: Assyria and
    Babylon, Media and Persia and the many alike.

    From the righteous empires like Persia of the times of Babylon exile,
    maybe some descendants remained, as the righteous seed. But
    corrupt empires and nations like Assyria, Babylon, Canaanites, Philistines, Sodom and Gomorrah are generally no more.

    It was not because of their predestinations for destruction, for
    God doesn't want nor hath pleasure in any of the deaths of the sinners
    that sin (Ezekiel 18:32).

    If you want to have a personal purge of your soul and in your life,
    make a list of sins you have ever done and start confessing them
    to the LORD, one by one.

    Eventually, the sin confessed is promised to be forgiven by the faith
    in God and the grace of God and the sacrifice on Golgotha.
    For God is righteous to cleanse us from all sins we confess and purge
    us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

    All the frequent purges of the system failed, because the fault is
    not in eliminating wrong people, but the wrong in us.

    in Christ Jesus of Nazareth

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