• The Stone that God Cannot Move

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Thu Apr 20 12:33:36 2023
    There had been a known riddle about whether God can create a stone
    so big that He cannot lift it.

    Actually, God had already done that in some aspects. He has bound Himself
    by His word. He cannot break His Word or Satan would have right.

    The second stone God cannot move is man's free will. Adam and Eve
    have chosen to be like gods and decide wrong from right themselves.

    When Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, she might have though that she
    got away with eating from the forbidden tree and having wisdom earned
    for free. Oh, they got evicted from Paradise garden, the cherubs with
    flaming swords banned return, but it was not so bad.

    When Cain slew Abel, she might have started to doubt that it was
    a good idea to eat from the tree. She lost both sons in one day.
    One was dead, one equally dead - a murderer of an innocent man.

    God did not turn Cain into an automaton to stop him from killing Abel.
    It was the consequence of Adam and Eve choosing to discern wrong
    from right themselves.

    When Abel was dead for just offering better sacrifice to God,
    it was obvious that both envy and murder were wrong.
    This later came as two out of ten commandments.

    But God did not turn two million Hebrews into automaton or
    programmed machines - though he sent snakes to bite them and
    plague to decimate them, He never took their ability to choose
    right from wrong, blessing from curse, life from death.

    Even now, God did not take Hitler's power of deciding. We know that
    sin enslaves: whoever starts to smoke, soon becomes addicted.
    There are people addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, pornography,
    sex, those addicted to adrenaline and power.

    But God doesn't choose to enslave our free will. This is what the Enemy
    does. God even puts us to the test, allowing the Enemy to test our
    resolve to the Commandments and Faith within our powers to resist
    the Devil.

    First Paradise failed because man and woman wanted freedom from
    God and His choice of right and wrong.

    This eventually lead to corruption ending in thee Great Deluge. Noah
    and his family were saved in the Ark, but their descendants were
    given the Ten Commandments, the Law of Moses; Gospel and other

    Even now, if you choose Satan by your own free will, God might let
    Satan to lead you to fight at the Armageddon on the wrong side
    and end in the lake of sulfur with him. Satan still thinks he can win.
    He will use the window of opportunity and the weakness of the
    church and the holy people.

    Deny Satan, and accept Jesus as Saviour!

    Holy Father,
    I admit I am a sinner: I've done wrong to myself and others.
    Let Jesus be my Saviour by the power of the sacrifice on the Golgotha.
    I will make you my Lord.
    IN Jesus name

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