• The Invisible Tax

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 29 02:36:07 2023
    Why is there so great of an inflation in the recent months since the corona outbreak?

    Obviously, someone with the access to the printing press for money is buying the real value: gold, silver, oil, shares, commodities - for the worthless paper
    made of the twisted trees. Or sometimes, not even that, for digital money
    that doesn't exist.

    Shares and the wealth based on the number of shares x their market price
    is an inflated wealth, not a real one like gold or commodities and rare earth metals.

    This is why a sing smiley can plummet shares by 14%, because there is
    no work, and no knowledge and no added value involved or invested.
    This is an example of a paper tiger.

    Before in the 70s, regulations were set to clearly distinguish and
    regulate who can print money or issue it and who can buy commodities. Regulations were set that the same person or organisation couldn't
    do both.

    In corona crisis and the Ukrainian war, these regulations were loosened
    in neoliberalism. Instead of market economy, we have huge influx
    of money that is not covered with gold standard, its value in oil,
    and virtually with anything but treasury certificates that were
    supposed to represent some warranty that someone will pay gold
    if you give it to them.

    But obviously, there is not enough gold for the money printed since
    president Nixon ran out of gold to finance the Vietnam war.

    Now fresh printed money due to corona crisis is not withdrawn and
    destroyed in a controlled manner, but used to purchase above mentioned
    real values, gold, commodities and real estate - having all of their prices soar.

    All investments that do not rely on real work, knowledge or commodities
    are doomed to go down the way of market bubbles.

    The only one who figure out constant profit whether the market rises
    or collapses are the chosen few. But chosen by themselves, and the
    generational wealth.

    Their goal is that you spend more and work and earn less, so you
    would sink into a greater debt and eventually become a slave,
    making ends meet from paycheck to paycheck, and gathering
    liabilities rather than assets, loans rather than savings.

    So it is important in these days of inflation to invest into businesses
    that add new value to the global market, and avoid buying goods that
    lose 50% of value the moment you leave the shop (like Louis Vuitton bags).

    Less entertainment, and more hard work and learning and saving is
    required to get out of the mire. With God's help and through charity
    that will cleanse the bad karma and curse on the money which passed
    through illegal or immoral means of wealth acquisition.

    Giving to the purpose of spreading the Word of God and the Holy
    Scriptures is the way to be blessed - stealing from the LORD and
    His ministers is a way to earn curse and misery (Malachi 3:10-12).

    Hard work, learning, saving, charity. Four pillars of success.

    The Devil cannot take what is under the blessing and protection of
    the LORD God Creator of the Universe. Satan and Jehovah are not
    equal adversaries - the Devil can do only as much as he is allowed
    to test us.

    And this is because new Jerusalem has to be perfect, without any
    Cain, Achan, Jezebel, Delilah or Judas Iscariot.

    Without anyone who could become the new Satan and turn the
    new Jerusalem into the world as we know it, or worse.

    Be blessed in the LORD.

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