• Toil For the Flame

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 29 00:44:10 2023
    Habakuk 2
    12 Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed
    and establishes a town by iniquity!
    13 Is it not indeed from the LORD of Hosts
    that the labor of the people only feeds the fire,
    and the nations weary themselves in vain?
    14 For the earth will be filled
    with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD
    as the waters cover the sea.


    Indeed, many wage war for territory or strive for personal power
    and dominion over others. Feels themselves more manly and
    attractive to women if they oppress and dominate others.
    Money and power are great aphrodisiacs: research shows that
    women who are financially situated enjoy more in the sexual
    relationships and intercourse.

    However, none of the pyramids and towers of Babel people
    build will last: it is doomed for the Big Crunch, the final
    gravitational collapse of the Universe, in which everything
    attached to the material world will perish and elements will
    be dissolved in ultimate fire (2 Peter 3:12).

    In that Day, no one will be able to rescue himself, his children,
    or his parents, or his relatives. Everything will be doomed, and
    one will only be able to bring his soul and spirit before the
    Creator of this Universe.

    Like the generation before the Great Flood, this Universe is
    doomed. It isn't going the way the Creator planned it, it is hopelessly
    corrupt and evil.

    Holy b