• Why We Cannot Live Eternally in Physical Body

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    Recently some people expressed their belief that medicine and science
    will solve the problem of aging and death, and that men will live forever
    in the physical body.

    This is probably very appealing to someone rich and with luxurious
    lifestyle, with many men working for him, obeying his orders, and feeding
    his ego while he feels more manly about women. But to someone in
    Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, death camp, or in prison, for someone
    terminally ill or paralised, to those in debt slavery or sex industry
    with bosses who take most of their profits,
    in wheelchair or mentally ill and labeled with diagnosis for life - any of
    them might consider their condition being perpetuated eternally.

    You might wonder why God had banned Adam and Eve eating from the tree
    of knowledge of good and evil and I will share my discoveries with you.

    Once evil entered the lives of Adam and Eve, there also came greed and oppression. Original Paradise had no rulers, no tyrants, no police and
    neither illness or death, but all this was lost because first woman Eve,
    the mother of all living men, wanted to be like a goddess and tasted
    from the forbidden tree.

    We see that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.
    The rich bought politicians and inflation broke retirement funds.
    Now politicians are giving hundreds of billions of dollars to the rich
    oligarch and tycoons, "because they create jobs". Honestly earned
    money in retirement funds was never recovered with tax payer's money,
    of course, because we are in capitalism, and everyone knows the risk
    of investing.

    Without death, some would be wise enough to become the owners of
    everything, including food, water and air.

    While others would have the be sold into slavery to merely eat, drink water
    and breathe.

    Death resets the score.

    Also, rulers like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and Kim Il-Sung could not be deposed while alive, and slaves could never pay their debts, ever sinking deeper into debt slavery.

    Death resets the score.

    For reasons known to Him alone, God doesn't react immediately to stop evil
    and oppression. This is because we have abandoned Him and built ourselves
    tall buildings and technology we worship - machines.

    Also, God chooses to allow evil to manifest its fruits before dealing with it. There is no point for God to take nukes from mankind if we would simply build new ones. The genies is out of the bottle, and nobody knows how to
    persuade him to go back.

    But science says that we are built from atoms which are 0.000001% atom's
    core and 99.999999% mostly empty electronic clouds.

    If the negative charged electronic clouds stopped repelling each other, we would compress to the size of a mustard seed, becoming a miniature
    neutron star.

    What makes the difference between a man and a stone is a tiny, atom-sized soul (Hindus call it atma). This is a copy of the soul of God Creator, seeing
    all our thoughts and actions from inside out.

    Hindus speak about Hiranyakasipu, who had undergone great ascetic efforts
    to achieve near-immortality, and then turned oppressive in his great force, so God in person had to incarnate to kill him and deliver the Universe from
    his oppression.

    So death for everybody is sort of necessary unless God would immediately destroy everyone who transgresses the Law - but nowadays this would have
    ment that He would dismiss those who regret their mistakes and want to
    make amends.

    This is also said to negate the existence of free will - if God would immediately
    zap with thunder anyone who breaks the Ten Commandments, free will
    would be void and pointless. Everyone would be good because of fear,
    and not because they would also be good with no fears in the future
    Heaven or Paradise.

    This is why were are still in the grace period in pending destruction and God is
    not approving but longsuffering evil and evildoers.

    For the price is paid by the Lamb of God for everyone to mend their ways, but only those whose deeds are already good will approach the Light.

    We have to patiently wait and persevere until the very end. He who persevereth until the very end, the same shall be saved.

    But many are oblivious of the spiraling evil and live in debaucheries and lusts,
    until the impending doom with elements dissolving in fire rains on them like searing embers.

    Here is the patience and the faith of the believing, that God will align circumstances so we will not be tested and tempted above our strength.

    And in the hope of salvation for the next life in which all who inherit it have been tested with every temptation and transcended it. Equally, those who never sinned and those who sinned and repented from evil to never repeat
    it again.

    Due to the transgression of the Woman meant to be the mother of
    all living (and God's decree is irrevocable), God's hands are tied because first woman believed Satan the Devil who took the form of the Snake.
    Thereof man is saved back only by faith in God and denying Satan the

    There is nothing wrong you have to do to belong to Satan, we are bound
    to imperfection and decay due to the transgression of our primal parents.
    We have to willfully accept God and the Messiah as Saviour.

    When no religion provides way back to God any longer, and all are deviations that no longer bring salvation, corrupt by the god of this world just like Judaism is not that of Moses, Christianity is not that of Jesus Christ
    and Islam has little to do with the teaching of the Prophet - then God
    chooses to send a prophet or avatar to restore the faith and souls
    that die can ascend again, instead of Earth becoming dwelling place
    of lost souls.

    But after the last prophet and avatar has fulfilled his mission, and
    the mankind is still in degradation, decline and corruption, usually accompanied with great reliance on technology and machines,
    then God says goodnight and there is no more sacrifice for sin,
    but only fearfully waiting for the impending judgment.

    Just like the pharaoh said when the waters of Red Sea split apart:
    "This is just magic my priests can do!" and he went to pass and
    pursue the Hebrews. But when the waters collapsed on him,
    he said: "Now I am a believer, too!"

    But God did not accept his death point conversion, because he
    wanted to be worshiped and obeyed like god his entire lifetime,
    being the "lord of life and death" to others.

    This is what would happen if we lived together. Slaves would
    toil deprived of the results of their work for eternity, never having
    anything to redeem their freedom. Despite whips and pain.
    Pharaohs would eventually transcend powers of dictators,
    tyrants and tzars, and would become like gods.

    Death resets the score.

    So we who could live long lives must sacrifice this opportunity
    so the evil would not live forever and become someone like
    demon Hiranyakasipu from the Bhagavad Gita. Eventually, such
    ruler will come and be worshipped, demanding worship of men
    to boost his ego and claiming all the powers of God, displaying
    himself as God in God's Temple.

    He will build the image of Beast, and demand everyone to
    embrace his mark on their forehead or right arm, or they would
    be executed. Obviously, this is a mark of a totalitarian ruler, not
    a democratic one.

    He will wage war on the saints of the LORD, and overcome them
    for a time, and half of the time, the time of great tribulation.
    Then he will be defeated in Armageddon and thrown into the
    Bottomless Pit.

    It might seem unjust that God tests us who have nothing to do
    with Eve's decision to eat from the forbidden tree, but the new
    Jerusalem will be made of those who have passed all tests like
    that on which Eve fell.

    This will first dismiss everyone and every woman who wants to
    be sexually free like goddess and decide whether a conceived
    child should be born or murdered in womb, becoming like goddess
    of sex and death.

    Eventually, to such God will appear as Time - they will not live forever
    and then they will have to face the consequences of their doing.
    Which might be being soaked in saline solution without skin for
    eternity, and being slowly dismembered by surgical instruments,
    after which they would grow back over the day (for the abortions
    clinics now operate during night, due to pro-life protesters).

    But this is only the pale vision of the suffering for one lost life.
    The women who murdered the fruit of their womb because they
    wanted to be independent goddesses will suffer the punishment
    for gods who sinned. Somewhere with Sysiphus and Tantalus.

    In the Lord

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