From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 23 12:28:51 2023
    Freedom to love God is a human right without which there can be no advancement of knowledge because only in freedom can people understand and determine what is truth and what is false in the world. A closed information society maintained by government
    results in a fascist police state that simply exists to enslave people with a one-party military dictatorship.
    People under such an evil empire are blindsided by their own lust and greed for political power and wealth which is often mistaken for religion and patriotism. Communism, socialism, atheism, and fascism practiced by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and
    Myanmar etc. are some of the governments maintaining these evils today.
    The delusions of all military dictatorships is that they to try to unite people through fascist slavery and materialistic nationalism. That is a fool's paradise because material duality and extremism can never unite people because of being dualistic and
    sectarian from the start.
    Pluralistic democracies avoid that abyss of tyranny and misery by understanding that what is good for individual freedom and open information is also good for the government. Government not subservient to individual freedom works against the very people
    they are supposed to serve and protect because dictatorships are blindsided by their own collective false ego and greed for political power and wealth.

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