• Kingdom of Heaven or Paradise: The Test of Eternity

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Wed Feb 22 10:20:07 2023
    In regard to whether one's behaviour is godly or not, we can make a
    simple test: can we perpetuate such behaviour to eternity and allow
    it to enter new Heaven and Paradise?

    What could those behaviors be: forgiveness, kindness, empathy,
    learning, work, teaching, confessing sins, spiritual growth ...
    the list goes on.

    The list of useless and meaningless works aimed to destruction
    of the world starts with pride and arrogance, envy and malice,
    wrath and anger, lust, promiscuity and abortion, gluttony and
    being a drunkard, greed and gathering more wealth than needed
    in the hands of the few, laziness and apathy to change one's
    spiritual outlook and work on themselves.

    Also bullying, mobbing, control, manipulation, domination,
    witchcraft, dark sorcery and black magic, evil desires for someone
    to get a disease or accident ... all cannot enter Heaven or Paradise,
    or they'd become just like this place.

    Likewise, it is impossible to imagine Heaven or Paradise under
    the constant threat of the nuclear holocaust. There shall be
    abundance of peace, and lion shall eat grass like an ox.
    There will be no evil on the holy LORD Jehovah's mountain
    (prophet Isaiah).

    in the name of the LORD God Merciful, Almighty

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